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13 October, 2014

How to get the Student Card?

How to get the Student Card?
How to get the Student Card?

The Ministry of Education requests, that if anyone wishes to apply for a Student Card, the parent must go with their child (if the student is over 14, the parent doesn’t need to go along) to a Registration Office (Okmányiroda) first. You must take identification documents (Birth Certificate/passport/TAJ card/Residence Permit, etc) because the student’s personal details will be checked and a photo of the student will be taken. After this, you will be issued with a document (Nemzetközileg Egyesített Kártya = Internationally Unified Card), on which there will be a unique ID number.

You will then need to bring this document into school, because we need your unique ID number off it to start your student card application. Unfortunately, without this we cannot begin to process your student card application.

When we have this NEK number we register the student to apply for student card in the Hungarian Educational System and we can give a temporary card until the actual card arrives. You can get the same discounts with this paper as with the original one and accepted as proof of studentship. The original card will be posted to your home (if you have hungarian address card) or you will be informed by the Registration Office about collecting it from them.