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26 January, 2015

BISB Talent Show is coming soon...

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BISB Talent Show is coming soon...
BISB Talent Show is coming soon...

Our year 12 students have put a fantastic effort in preparing for the Talent Show for this Friday. They have taken charge of the whole occasion with all aspects of preparation and work in their free time to make it a big success.

Last week saw Primary and Secondary students Audition separately and now the final works are in progress. There are 10 performances that have been chosen for the final. Students are excited and preparing their music and dance performances to do their best on the stage.


Our curiosity led us to ask year 12 students about what the preparation period is like from their point of view

·         How many students have applied and taken part in the auditions?

We had over 20 students all from different age groups signing up to audition in the show…


·         How are you going to judge them?

We judged them based on how they engaged with the judges during the auditions as it gave us an indication of what they would be like during the real show. Of course, during the show we leave it up to the teacher judge panel for their professional opinion


·         How do you feel about organising this great event?

Although we did find it very difficult to coordinate at times, overall it was a very great experience. We enjoyed seeing all the aspects that came with organizing such an event. 


·         What is the most challenging with the preparation?

The biggest work so far was just trying to bring the different elements needed for the show together as well as balancing them time-wise. 


·         What is the most enjoyable part of this process?

We did enjoy all aspects and steps we took in order to create this show. But we feel that being able to work with our peers, as well as getting to know the younger students and the different amazing things they can do was very enlightening. 


·         What do you expect it will be like?

We put in a lot of hard work to bring the event together and we expect it to be a very fun and enjoyable event for the contestants as well as their audience. 



·         Can we expect any surprise/ special show element?

Of course. This year we have some very talented special guests coming to perform especially for us. We are very excited to see how the audience will react…

-          Tammy Year 12 -

The lineup for the show:

Primary: Max and Lottie (Yr3), Rachel (Yr5), Cili (Yr5), Petar (Yr6), Antye (6C)
Secondary: Charles (Yr8), Bianca and Carola (Yr10), Balazs (Yr10), Daniela (Yr12), Hendrick (Yr12)
Congratulations and Good luck...

We wish you good luck and a well-running successful talent show. We look forward to seeing everyone there and enjoy our students’ entertaining