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14 February, 2019

Farsang Celebrations in Primary

Farsang Celebrations in Primary
Farsang Celebrations in Primary

Monday morning saw excited Primary students arriving in Sports Hall 1 for their annual Farsang dance session. After reacquainting themselves with a Hungarian Farsang song titled ‘A, a, a, a farsangi napokban’, the children had their chance to dance while singing this song.

Farsang is a happy carnival period in Hungary, when people dance, sing and enjoy themselves with family and friends. Our children enjoyed their time with Árpi bácsi ( Árpád Vörös, Tébláb Dance School leader) and live folk music by András Turi and friends band. Next year there will be more steps and songs to learn, so even more energy will be needed to keep up with our dance teacher!

Bea Bocz
Hungarian Culture Teacher