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14 January, 2020

BISB graded as 'Excellent' in first ever ISI inspection

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I am very pleased indeed to say that we have been rated as “Excellent” in all categories. This is an outstanding achievement that is not easily accomplished in a school’s first inspection.
Richard Dyer
BISB Principal
BISB graded as 'Excellent' in first ever ISI inspection The British International School Budapest was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) between 12th November and the 15th November.

Our “Excellent” rating in all areas is a fitting testament to the way everyone in our school community has worked together to create a school of which we can be very proud. The report describes the excellent quality of our students’ learning and achievements as well as their personal development. 

Our school aspires to provide an education that is comparable in standard to top independent schools in the United Kingdom, both in terms of academic achievement and the personal development of our students. We are therefore delighted that ISI has concluded and confirmed that we are succeeding in this ambitious aspiration. Achieving the highest rating in all areas on its first inspection is something very few schools worldwide can claim. That we have done so is not only a testament to the dedication and commitment of our high quality teachers but also a reflection of the exemplary ways in which our students represent their school. 

ISI is a British government-recognised inspectorate. It inspects private schools in the United Kingdom and overseas and provides an independent assessment of how well schools meet the high standards expected of British Schools Overseas. It also assesses how well they meet the standards of leading schools, including the quality of education provided, welfare, health and safety, and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students. 

The report is in three main sections.

Section 1 contains simple background information.

Section 2 on pages 5-8 concerns the standards for British Schools Overseas. These standards follow those for independent (private) schools in England, and we have been successful in meeting all eight sets of standards.

Section 3 on pages 9-15 is about educational quality and this will be of most interest to parents. Schools are graded on a 4-point scale, with a grade of “Excellent” as the top grade. 

Read the full report here.


Some of the main highlights of the report include:

" The quality of the pupils' achievements is excellent"

“Their group and individual achievements in activities including music, games, drama, clubs and societies are excellent for their age”

“Throughout the school, pupils demonstrate critical thinking, adaptability and an objective awareness of their strengths and areas for development”

“Pupils demonstrate excellent study skills, which become highly developed as they move through the school”

We want to congratulate all our students and staff for this outstanding achievement.