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13 May, 2021

Year 3 Fossil Excavations

Year 3 Fossil Excavations

Year 3 students were asked to help excavate some dinosaur fossils in Kiscelli woods. They hunted for the fossils and used chisels and brushes to free the fossils from the rocks. We all found a fossil and researched which dinosaur we had found.


It was very exciting to find out what was going to be in the chalk – Marie 

We walked in the forest and it was super good, we could hear the birds singing – Tiancheng 

It was very fun and exciting to dig up fossils - Zain 

It inspired me to become a palaeontologist when I’m older – Aron 

I loved exploring outside - Davide 

I was excited about finding fossils and being a palaeontologist - Kausar 

I loved when we could find and dig them out - Lilia 

I love to dig fossils - Andy

I enjoyed using palaeontologist tools to find fossils - Dorka

I enjoyed digging in the chalk to find out what was in there - Lucy

My favourite part of the expedition was being with my friend - Marko

I liked when I found a fossil in the chalk - Marci

I loved when we were looking for the bones - Ted

I liked when I found the chalk and the fossil inside - Illia


Michelle Simons

Year 3 Teacher