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03 June, 2021

UK Mathematics Trust Competitions

UK Mathematics Trust Competitions

The UK Mathematics Trust was founded in 1996 with the charitable aim to advance the education of young people in mathematics. Each year they run three main competitions: the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenges. They receive over 700,000 entries each year from all around the world. 

Afterwards, they invite the highest-scoring students to take part in follow-on rounds such as the Junior, Grey, Pink and Senior Kangaroos and the Junior, Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin Olympiads. This year at BISB, we have had some amazing results. Out of over 350 entries, our students achieved 42 gold certificates, 73 silver certificates and 99 bronze certificates.

Six students have been invited to the follow-on competitions. Only a small percentage of students who enter from around the world are selected to do so, making this is a major accomplishment.

The most recent competition was the Junior Maths Challenge where 13 of our students in Years 7 and 8 achieved gold certificates. Three of our students Du Boxiong, Max Turner and Zhe Wen also qualified for the next round.

Congratulations to all who have taken part this year.


Richard O'Reilly

Head of Mathematics