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08 October, 2021

Year 10 & 11 Geography Trips

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Year 10 & 11 Geography Trips

Year 11 Trip

On Wednesday 29th September, Year 11 IGCSE students went on a Geography field trip to the city centre as part of their 'Urban Environments' topic. We collected data about Budapest including land use, interviewed people for surveys and even carried out some 'smell surveys' for environmental quality. 

"This trip gave me a good understanding of the city I live in. It also brought me a wide knowledge of urbanisation and its processes in Budapest. The teachers managed to give us knowledge and at the same time, we had fun. In addition, we covered a big part of the centre (of the city). I enjoyed this trip a lot!" Mykola Prysiazhniuk. 

Year 10 Trip 

On Friday 1st October, Year 10 Geography IGCSE students visited Szentendre and the Bukkos-Patak stream as part of their 'River Environments' topic. We collected data including river velocity, width and depth as well as making field sketches of the features and landforms. Back in class, we will analyse the data to draw graphs and make conclusions based on Bradshaw's Model. It was a beautiful day and lovely to picnic by the stream. There were a few wet feet but a lot of fun was had by all!


Kate Bayford

Geography Teacher