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17 March, 2022

BISB ASPIRE Internship Programme

BISB ASPIRE Internship Programme

We are seeking the assistance of businesses and organisations in Budapest to help us develop a professional Internship program: the BISB ASPIRE internship. 

As students move between Year 12 (IB1) and Year 13 (IB2), gaining meaningful work experience is highly developmental and can help students learn more about career options ahead of making university decisions. We would like BISB students to have the opportunity to develop ‘real world’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field, as well as collaborate and problem solve with experienced industry professionals.

By working with members of our wider community, we would be able to offer high-quality, developmental summer placements for BISB students that simulates the experience students will face in the real job market. This will include a competitive process that sees students apply for positions that are presented in the format of a job advertisement. Students will then receive support in writing CVs and cover letters, which would then be submitted to the business and shortlisted ahead of a short in-person or online interview, supported by a member of BISB’s senior team. The business offering the internship would then be able to appoint an intern for a two week period during the summer break.

The benefits to your organisation of having an intern include:


  • A fresh set of eyes - An intern can help you look at a project from a different perspective;
  • Enhance your social strategy - Involve your interns in your social media workings and seek their feedback;
  • Mentoring - The opportunity to mentor a young person can be great for professional development;
  • Build your profile - Sharing stories about your internship programme can help raise awareness of your company in the local community, offering valuable visibility and exposure;
  • Give back - Enjoy the rewards of helping young, passionate students learn more about your professional field, develop key skills and make valuable connections that will serve them in their future careers.


We ask that the business provides a structured and meaningful experience that provides students with the supervision that they need to be successful. The best placements are in which students have opportunities to do ‘hands-on’ tasks and activities and where employers have high expectations of the students.

If you are interested in hosting a BISB intern this summer or would like to discuss this program further, please contact me via email at


Ms Rachel Mann

Higher Education and Careers Guidance Counsellor 

Teacher of GCSE Business and IBDP Economics