10 February, 2023

Visit to Invitech Data Center

Invitech visit

On the morning of 3rd February, we got an opportunity to visit Invitech Data Center, Budapest. Our trip to Invitech’s DC10 data center was eye-opening. It was a new experience for everyone involved and we learned a lot about the practical implementation of hardware infrastructure in telecommunications.

We toured the various data storage rooms that were present in the building, acquiring new insider knowledge about the functionalities of data centers, alongside the various layers of safety. From fire extinguishing systems, backup storage, and UPSs to diesel power engines and cooling ventilation, we saw first-hand the complex nexus of systems that provide the services that people use on a daily basis in Hungary. Towering servers, cages upon cages of protection for devices that are owned by important institutions such as banks, healthcare companies, and other organizations, DC10 is arguably one of the most significant information centers in central Europe.

We also saw the evolution of data centers from storing cables underground to using mid-air solutions for cable management. As we came to the end of the tour, we reflected on the sheer scale of how networking exists in real life and how even this data center is but a tiny component of what we call the Internet.

Overall, it was an exhilarating experience for the year 13 Computer Science group and greatly expanded the level of understanding we have about networking and ICT companies in the wider world. 

Year 13 Computer Science group