03 November, 2023

​Dragon's Den

Dragos Den - Dragons Den

Students in Year 9 have been spending some of their Guidance lessons this term devising innovative products which will contribute to a more sustainable society. On Thursday this week we held our Dragons' Den Grand Final, which pitted the winning ideas from each Year 9 tutor group against one another. 

Soilless Solutions (9 Sapphire) educated us about hydroponic growing for the home; CharBamby (9 Ruby) convinced us to ditch plastic bottles for good and use their bamboo alternatives; Footprint (9 Topaz) shared their idea for an app which would help consumers be more informed about how sustainable their clothing is. Our overall winners, however, were Snuggly Pets (9 Jade) who wowed the audience with their bamboo pet toys and innovative scheme for pet owners to return old pet toys which can be turned into new pet paraphernalia!

Well done to all the students in Year 9 for their participation. Well done to all the finalists for presenting with such conviction. And congratulations to Nora, Finn, Evie and Chloe from 9 Jade for winning the student vote! 

With sustainable ideas like these from our students, it seems like the future is in good hands!


Mr Gunn

Care and Guidance Leader for Year 8 and 9