08 September, 2023

Year 6 Migration Entry Point Activity

Year 6 Migration Entry Point Activity - Year 6 Migration Entry Point Activity
Last week, we took the year 6 students to the forest where we enacted a simulation of being refugees having to leave their home, with only 10 items packed in their bags. Along the way, they were confronted by situations migrants might face with a range of questions where the students needed to make a choice to determine the length of walk they did to the next checkpoint.

For example, should they travel alone or in a group? Should they walk to the border or try and get a taxi or a lift? Pick wisely, and it was a much shorter walk for our students to the next checkpoint! Finally, upon reaching the border, passports were checked to see who gained entry across the border. 

The students enjoyed this experience, but also found it a little stressful at times – which enabled them to empathise with children who face this situation in real life. The worry of having the incorrect paperwork with them, the thought of some of the dangers refugees may face while walking for days at a time as well as carrying their worldly belongings on their backs in different weather conditions certainly opened many eyes. These are the thoughts of some of our students.

Doyoon from 6 Amber: “It was tiring and a bit scary and I felt weird at times. It actually makes you feel like a refugee”

Zain from 6 Lava: “It was a really hard choice for us and we had to think really hard. Some of us made bad choices and some made bad. I am happy that I made some good choices”

Lisa from 6 Copper: “We had to think very hard at home because we had to think about what special things we would take. I didn’t think about a map but I did bring a torch, a phone and chargers for the phone.”

Lesley McDonald 
Year 6 Teacher