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News image BISS receives funding for student-led social impact project PAWS - Celebrating our Global Campus Writing Competition Winners News | School Activities
BISS receives funding for student-led social impact project PAWS

BISS announced today its students have received funding from Nord Anglia’s community investment fund to support student-led social impact project, PAWS.

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News image Year 10 Health Talk - Year 10 Health Talk News | School Activities
Year 10 Health Talk

On Thursday, our Year 10 pupils had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Bruce, an expert in health and puberty education from Shanghai United Family Hospital, for an insightful and engaging session. The anticipation buzzed through the air as the students, both girls and boys in separate sessions, eagerly gathered to delve into the mysteries of adolescence and well-being under the guidance of a professional.

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News image Join our Stay and Play Sessions at BISS Puxi! - Stay and Play News | School Activities
Join our Stay and Play Sessions at BISS Puxi!

At BISS Puxi, we believe in creating a nurturing and engaging environment for our young learners. We also recognise the value of supporting a child’s family. This is the reason why in January 2023, we developed our Stay and Play sessions for children from birth to 3 years. These sessions, held every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9 am to 10:30 am, offer a unique opportunity for children and their families to connect with our community while laying the foundations for a love of learning.

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News image Your Essential Daily Information - Parent Essentials News | School Activities
Your Essential Daily Information

Parent Essentials is a page on this website designed to give you just that — important daily information. Term dates, uniform shop, lunches, newsletter sign-up, general news and events are all located in one place for your convenience.

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News image Meet the IB Academy Team - Meet the IBDP Team News | School Activities
Meet the IB Academy Team

Our dedicated IB Diploma Academy team provides students (and parents) with the information and support they need to make informed decisions about the future. As an international team, they ensure students receive guidance through the IB Diploma — whether it's in English, Chinese or Korean.

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News image Embracing Festive Cheer - Embracing Festive Cheer News | School Activities
Embracing Festive Cheer

As the corridors of our school echo with laughter and the anticipation of the holiday season, there is a unique sense of joy and togetherness that permeates the air. The final school assembly at Christmas is not just a gathering; it is a culmination of a term filled with academic achievements, shared experiences, and the warm camaraderie that defines our school community.

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News image Winter Concert - Winter Concert News | School Activities
Winter Concert

The sound of music was in the air this week as our Music ECA groups got together to showcase their hard work from Term 1 in our annual Winter Concert on Thursday 14 December. Our approximately 120 students impressed our audience of parents, friends and family with their fabulous performances.

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News image CISSA Football Season Review - CISSA Football Season Review News | School Activities
CISSA Football Season Review

The CISSA football season, from August to December, was a dynamic journey for 86 enthusiastic boys and girls who dedicated themselves to weekly training sessions. This spirited endeavour saw the teams engaging in exhilarating matches against various international schools, creating an arena for skill refinement and competitive growth. The season, not merely about goals and victories, became a holistic experience, fostering a profound understanding of the game.

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News image Early Years Christmas - Early Years Christmas News | School Activities
Early Years Christmas

 The festive spirit echoed through the halls of BISS Puxi this week, as Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception students gathered for their Christmas Sing-alongs and festive parties. Among twinkling lights and colourful decorations, the school echoed with laughter, joy and the sweet melodies of young voices embracing the holiday cheer.

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News image New! BISS Essential Guide to Shanghai - Essential Guide to Shanghai News | School Activities
New! BISS Essential Guide to Shanghai

New to Shanghai? We've produced an Essential Guide to help your family navigate this exciting, bustling city. Find those much-needed home comforts and understand the important locations to note for your family's needs.

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News image Year 5 Greek Showcase - Year 5 Greek Showcase News | School Activities
Year 5 Greek Showcase

On Monday 11 December, the Year 5 children presented an exceptional showcase to a packed audience of parents, centred around the captivating world of ancient Greece. The event was a culmination of a DVC Week of dedicated research, collaboration and artistic exploration.

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News image Air House Pizza Party - Air House Party News | School Activities
Air House Pizza Party

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the Air House has emerged victorious in this term’s House competition! With an impressive accumulation of points, the Air House students earned themselves the well-deserved prize - a fantastic House pizza party!

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News image Snowland Art Visit from Gansu - Snowland Art Visit from Gansu News | School Activities
Snowland Art Visit from Gansu

On 11 December, the Art Department was delighted to welcome Tenzin and her student Choeyang from Snowlands Art School. Snowlands is a small family-style fine art and handicrafts training school that was established by Canadian artist Kristel Ouwehand (Tenzin Dolma) in 2010 in response to a growing need for a centre for young artists to study art in an ethics-based environment.

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News image Elf The Musical - A Secondary School Production - Elf School Production News | School Activities
Elf The Musical - A Secondary School Production

On 8 and 9 December, the curtains went up on our annual Secondary School production – Elf the Musical! Students, teachers and parents all worked tirelessly for months in preparation. From sourcing props and preparing costumes, to holding long rehearsals perfecting scenes, songs and dance routines. We are thrilled to see so many students performing confidently on stage and discovering new talents and passions.

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News image Students Explore Orthopaedic Surgery - Students Explore Orthopaedic Surgery News | School Activities
Students Explore Orthopaedic Surgery

On 7 December, the Medical Club embarked on an enlightening visit to Jiahui International Hospital to attend a 2-hour Clinical Practice and Simulation Workshop of MSK (Musculoskeletal). This unique opportunity allowed our medical enthusiasts to delve deeper into the intricate world of bone structure, types of bone injuries and their respective treatments, all under the expert guidance of Jiahui Health's junior orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Zhao Qitong.

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News image Maths Workshop for Parents - Maths Workshop for Parents News | School Activities
Maths Workshop for Parents

The Maths Workshop for Primary parents on 8 December 2023 was a significant effort to strengthen our students' mathematical foundations. The workshop agenda covered essential aspects of the Maths curriculum that we implement in the Primary School, and it provided parents with practical insights and tools for effectively supporting their children with Maths at home.

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News image Nurturing Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing through Outdoor-Based Education - Nurturing Resilience News | School Activities
Nurturing Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing through Outdoor-Based Education

At BISS Puxi, we believe that nurturing resilience and emotional wellbeing in children is crucial for their future success in both academic and personal aspects. By focusing on these areas, we can equip our students with the necessary skills to overcome challenges and thrive in life.

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News image Year 2 visit the Shanghai Legoland Discovery Centre - Year 2 Legoland News | School Activities
Year 2 visit the Shanghai Legoland Discovery Centre

Year 2 is thrilled to present a recap of our recent school trip to the Shanghai Legoland Discovery Centre—an adventure etched in our memories.

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News image Computer Science and STEAM Term Round-Up - Computer Science and STEAM Term Round-Up News | School Activities
Computer Science and STEAM Term Round-Up

This term has been incredibly busy for the Computer Science and STEAM department here at BISS Puxi. As one of the Pillars of Nord Anglia Education, STEAM plays a massive part in students developing a range of skills across a range of disciplines. Students are encouraged to “Be Curious, Collaborative and Creative” as well as apply their maths, science and computational thinking skills leading them towards being thoughtful and creative problem solvers. Technology is ever changing and understanding the concepts that underpin it is important in ensuring that students are equipped with transferable skills that can be applied in the real world.

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News image Exploring Business Beyond the Classroom: IKEA - Exploring Business Beyond the Classroom News | School Activities
Exploring Business Beyond the Classroom: IKEA

In a dynamic fusion of education and real-world business, our IBDP Year 12 and Year 13 Business Management students recently embarked on an enriching field trip to IKEA. Welcomed by the Baoshan IKEA team, including Sales Manager, Ms Yushu Wang and China Regional Sustainability Partner, Ms Sammie Tsou, our students gained insights into IKEA's sustainability approach with its three pillars: Healthy and Sustainable Living, Circular and Climate-positive, and Fair and Equal.

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