Tucked away from congested city life, next to Guangzhou’s beautiful South Lake and surrounding trees of brilliant green, our facilities are all designed for rigorous academics and thoughtful activities in and beyond our classrooms.
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Our South Lake classrooms are notable for their roomy accommodation of space, easily fitting the maximum of class sizes with much free space to flow between activities. Our buildings also have bright, expansive windows that connect with the outdoors, facing Guangzhou’s South Lake. 

All of this contributes to the creation of an open, airy environment where indoor learning spaces are connected to each other and to the outside –reinforced through our highly integrated digital and technical infrastructure with a state-of-the-art wireless network everywhere and interactive whiteboards in every class.
Key features of our lakeside facilities include
  • Advanced science labs and a STEAM room
  • Music and dance studios and a theatre
  • Four libraries
  • A sports hall as well as a swimming pool
  • Two football fields and a basketball court
  • Interactive technology in every classroom
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Our Early Years building is opposite the serene South Lake within our safe, secure residential compound. 

All learning spaces and play facilities are specifically designed for young children aged 1 to 5, offering an invitingly calm place for your child to grow and develop their skills. They’ll be stimulated and have support as they are introduced to school life.
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Located directly on the shores of Guangzhou’s South Lake, our large Primary and Secondary School buildings are designed to be the perfect environment to inspire our older students, aged 6 to 18, every day.

The buildings are surrounded by contemporary age-specific play, sport, and performing arts facilities, easily accessible from each building. Paired with the beautiful nature of South Lake and its surrounding trees, these Secondary facilities are ideal for concentrated school time away from city congestion and high performances from our Primary and Secondary students.

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Whether your child is a rising athlete, dancer, or musician, our state-of-the-art sports facilities and world-class performing arts facilities are second to none and ready to help your child shine.

Offering leadership, teamwork, individual achievement, and non-competitive physical activity, sport is a crucial part of developing character at BSG and is central to our curriculum. Your child can partake in different sports and athletics hosted within our sports hall or swimming pool or on our two football fields and outdoor basketball court – all designed for optimal performance and prepared for healthy competition against other teams from Guangzhou, China, and Southeast Asia.
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Likewise, our performing arts spaces have been created to develop your child’s talents and teamwork abilities – but focused on creative expression. Every student under the age of 12 can participate and receive a role in a major production each year.
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In our South Lake buildings, we have banks of Windows PCs and other IT devices available, offering our students experience with all popular platforms as they develop skills for the future. Furthermore, through our one-to-one information technology programme, we give every BSG student an age-appropriate Apple computing device, which they can use anywhere on campus as a strategic tool to enhance their learning, research, and technical skills in the creation of projects and other assignments.
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Speak to our Admissions Team about what makes BSG unique, so we can show you our South Lake campus up close. You can imagine your child in our classrooms, excelling on our sports fields, and performing on our stage – equipped and ready for success.

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