We want to provide all students with the chance to extend their learning beyond the formal curriculum, and so we created the After-School Activities programme.

Why Are After-School Activities Important?

Our After-School Activities programme provides students with the opportunity to broaden their learning horizons by participating in a range of creative, active, service, and academic activities. Not only do these activities enrich learning, but they allow students to partake in inclusive, fun, and enjoyable programmes alongside their fellow students. After-School Activities also provide students with the opportunity to go on to represent the school at various events and competitions, such as Model U.N., Global Campus Debate League, and a selection of sports teams, among others.

How Do After School Activities Affect Students?

After-School Activities are shown to be quite valuable for students’ development. The benefits of After-School Activities include academic, social, emotional, and cognitive development; they promote physical health and fitness; and they allow students to explore new activities, discover hidden talents and interests, and grow into well-rounded adults.

After-School Activities Schedule

The After-School Activities programme takes place every Tuesday and Thursday, over 8-week blocks each term. Years 2-3 take part in a carousel of activities designed for them to explore a range of subjects, while Years 4-11 register online to choose the ASAs they are most interested in.

They are predominantly led by teachers and TAs but we also encourage parents to participate as well. The clubs fall within the strands of;

The ASA programme takes place from 14:50 to 15:50 and bus services for children attending ASAs are moved to 16:00.

What Are Some After-School Activities?

For Primary children, we offer around 50 different ASAs across the age ranges. They cover a range of subjects from Science to photography, App-making to chess club. We always cater for a range of ASAs, covering;

Secondary students also have access to a huge range. There are lots of opportunities, including;

To learn more about the activities we offer to BSG students, including ASAs, trips and expeditions, and holiday programmes, take a look at our Outstanding Experiences page and our After-School Activities (ASAs) overview.