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At the British School of Guangzhou, we can personalise the A-level programme so it plays to each individual’s strengths, which we believe is of vital importance when it comes to maximising our students' chances of success. Students can choose to specialise in the sciences, arts, or languages, or opt for a broader curriculum based on their future aspirations and their strengths.

Secondary School Subjects At Key Stage 5 & 6th Form A-Level Courses

At Year 12, students at BSG start their two-year A-level examination courses.

A-levels are a globally accepted qualification. They are recognised and held in high regard by universities, colleges, and employers worldwide, including in US, Asian, European, Canadian, and Australian universities, with some even offering whole semesters' worth of credit to A-level graduates because of the depth of the work required for these academically demanding courses. The A-level certification we offer is externally marked by Cambridge University and Edexcel, two ‘gold standard’ accrediting boards.


A-Level Subjects

Our students can choose any combination of the 17 A-level subjects we offer. This provides flexibility for students who wish to maintain breadth in their studies, as well as those who wish to specialise in a particular academic area of strength.

The subjects are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Fine Art, Drama and Theatre Studies, Computer Science, Spanish, French, Music, Psychology, Chinese, and Physical Education.


Complementary Package

To provide breadth and a greater emphasis on skills, students can take part in further complementary courses. These can include qualifications like the highly regarded Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is similar to a university dissertation. This helps our students prepare well for their future academic work, as they apply to the world’s top institutions.


Sixth Form Goals

The main priority for our sixth form students is to ensure they achieve enough credit during their time with us to allow them to go to the most prestigious universities available to them. We also want students to leave the British School of Guangzhou with the correct skills and attributes to be highly successful life-long learners.


Secondary School Curriculum Enrichment

We enrich our secondary school curriculum at BSG in the following ways:

Our students’ access to these activities within the curriculum allows them to achieve additional qualifications to enhance their personal portfolios. This is our way of recognising the importance many top universities place on students’ holistic education and interests beyond the classroom.


We know every child is unique, so our talented teachers build up the individual strengths of your child, creating projects that help them achieve internationally recognised qualifications from the UK. These impressive qualifications will help them discover their own pathways to the world's best universities.

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