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At our international secondary school in Guangzhou, in Years 10 and 11, or ‘Key Stage Four’ (KS4), our students embark upon their two-year examination course, which revolves around preparing for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Our students’ high performances on these globally recognised qualifications are invaluable for accessing post-16 education options, setting the ideal preparation for A-levels.

Secondary School Subjects At Key Stage 4 & IGCSE Preparation

At Year 10 – the start of Key Stage 4 in the English National Curriculum – and continued through Year 11, students at the British School Guangzhou start their two-year International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination courses. 

Students study the core IGCSEs in mathematics, science, English, and another language. This course of study is complemented with several optional IGCSEs. Students are likely to sit between 8 and 11 IGCSEs in total. 

Students who successfully complete KS4 of the curriculum in Years 10 and 11 proceed to KS5, focused on A-levels, in Years 12 and 13, which gives them the ideal preparation for university.


Secondary School Curriculum Enrichment

We enrich our secondary school curriculum at BSG in the following ways:

Our students’ access to these activities within the curriculum allows them to achieve additional qualifications to enhance their personal portfolios. This is our way of recognising the importance many top universities place on students’ holistic education and interests beyond the classroom.


We know every child is unique, so our talented teachers build up the individual strengths of your child, creating projects that help them achieve internationally recognised qualifications from the UK. These impressive qualifications will help them discover their own pathways to the world's best universities.

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