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17 December, 2021

Meet the Teacher - Monica Daryani

Meet the Teacher - Monica Daryani Ms Monica has been with the British School since 2006, becoming one of the most committed members of staff.

Monica spent 15 years of her career dedicated to The British School of Guangzhou, teaching students across many age groups and becoming Chief Designated Safeguarding Lead, as well as Assistant Head. Monica's commitment made her a key member of staff in the development of BSG — growing the school into the success story it became. She now intends to do the very same at NAISGZ.

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Monica's Profile

Having been in the field of education for almost 20 years, out of which 15 years has been at BSG, I feel my personal and professional journey has been interlinked with the growth of the school community. I hold a BA degree in Psychology and a MA degree in Early Childhood Education & Special Educational Needs (with teacher qualifications) from New York University. Upon graduating, I worked in a variety of settings that included local and international schools in the U.S., Guangzhou and Taiwan SAR.

I started my journey at BSG soon after my son was born, where two years later he joined the Pre-Nursery programme at our school — he’s now in Secondary! There’s been no looking back.

I fell in love with the school as both a parent and also member of staff, where a sense of continual ‘teaching and learning’ has been a highlight for me and has remained a constant throughout these years. My roles at BSG have comprised within Early Years as a Pre-Nursery Leader, and also as part of the Learning Support and Psychology Department.

I am currently also Assistant Head of Safeguarding, where I closely work with a team of DSLs to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of our students is a top priority. I now look forward to a new chapter at NAISGZ, where there are further opportunities of learning awaiting to be embraced. I believe that ‘change’ is not only inevitable, it is a stepping stone for fostering a sense of resilience and giving our students, even at the early stages, the tools they need to thrive in a global and dynamic world that we live in.