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18 September, 2023

Creativity and Advanced Learning Environments

This summer, out of 7 students from all Guangzhou schools accepted into Cambridge University, 3 came from the British School of Guangzhou. This was possible because BSG provides outstanding learning opportunities in advanced learning environments. We believe that ‘Advanced Learning’ is higher level and accelerated learning that may focus on abstract thinking or conceptual understanding. Advanced Learning will be creative, imaginative, interesting, challenging, compex and may follow non-traditional pathways.


BSG students are highly successful academically, not despite the time allocated to creativity in their curriculum, or the holistic approach to education embedded into our school, but because of this. At BSG, creativity is a cornerstone of academic excellence, fostering an environment of critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovative approaches to learning. When nurtured alongside traditional academic pursuits by our highly skilled teachers, creativity enhances cognitive abilities, leading to a more holistic and well-rounded educational experience.



Moreover, we appreciate creativity helps information retention and comprehension. When BSG students engage in creative activities, such as art, music, or writing, they are more likely to remember and understand the material. This is because creativity often involves making connections between concepts, which reinforces memory retention.


On Tuesday last week, Mr McCourt, Head of Primary music, leda workshop for parents about our Primary Music curriculum and talked to parents about what their child could expect to learn in music from Toddlers through to Year 6. At BSG, the world-famous Kodaly Method of music learning is deeply embedded into the curriculum. Every child learns to play an instrument in our curriculum lessons.This is supported by teaching methods from our partners at the Julliard Academy, NYC.This way, we ensure that our children not only get a fun, creative experience of music making but a rich understanding of the language of music and traditional notation.




The following day, BSG welcomed Ms. Geraldine McCafferty, Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy, Beijing and Ms. Sarah Mann, British Consul General, Guangzhou, to officially open our fully renovated 216 seat state-of-the-art theatre and drama studio. Ms. McCafferty spoke to students about the significance of performing arts in British culture, and the important role creativity plays in education. Our Primary choir performed a welcome song for the guests and took part in the official ribbon cutting ceremony.


Following the opening ceremony, our distinguished visitors toured the Lakefront campus, visiting creative hubs in the Secondary Art Department to admire 2D and 3D artwork and dropped in on our music classrooms and the BSG recording studio. One of the last stops on the tour was a visit to a Year 2 phonics class, where students were developing their understanding of blended sounds in preparation for writing activities. Our sincere thanks to our guests for generously giving their time.