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28 September, 2023

Our School Propels Graduates to Top Universities Worldwide

Our School Propels Graduates to Top Universities Worldwide - Academic Excellence

This summer, 29 students graduated BSG and successfully moved on to higher education, fulfilled national service requirements or will be taking a year out to further consider their career choices. Our graduates’ university placements included many of the world’s leading destinations in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Europe. Much of this success can be attributed to academic achievement. This summer, BSG graduates achieved outstanding results at A Level, with 53% A*-A and 74% A*-B. This is almost double the ratio of top grades UK schools achieved, and put our students in an incredibly strong position with university admissions teams worldwide.


The A level is a globally recognized academic qualification and our graduates’ exceptional A level results over recent years have also secured international placements at leading universities in Singapore, mainland China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. So how does BSG achieve these exceptional outcomes for our graduating classes? As university and careers counsellor, Lynn Zhang explains: “The BSG Careers Office provides one-to-one support to students when they explore and research their future pathways, offering bespoke guidance during the university application process to provide timely and accurate information and help simplify the process”.


Our School Propels Graduates to Top Universities Worldwide - Academic Excellence


BSG Principal, Tim Richardson, recognizes the importance of a single continuous curriculum in which learning content builds consistently.

“Here at BSG, we follow the National Curriculum in England from its guidelines in Early Years through Primary and Secondary, culminating in A Levels, which are the gold standard of school leaving qualifications worldwide. By following one continuous, expertly planned programme, we ensure each step in the learning process builds on prior learning and serves as a platform for further development. What students know, understand and can do is carefully tracked, ensuring there is ongoing and very conscious progress at every level. When new students join BSG, a robust baseline assessment process establishes exactly where they are on this continuum and enables new students and their teachers to identify where any gaps in learning may exist, and to address these promptly”.


Of course, a strong curriculum and connected assessment programme is only part of BSG’s highly successful approach. We are also committed to ensuring the world’s best teachers lead learning in our classrooms, shared learning spaces and outdoors. With the majority of teachers qualified in the UK and most teachers with significant UK teaching experience, teaching strategies are perfectly suited to our curriculum and bring the very best out of our students. Small class size in Key Stages 4 and 5 (15 to 18 year-olds) enable class discussions to explore deep, complex issues in subject areas that engage and challenge students, and have a strong application to real world contexts.