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17 November, 2023

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Picnic

On Friday, November 10th, our Pre-Nursery and Nursery students had a delightful Picnic Tea at our Olympic Park Campus. This special event served as a perfect conclusion to our core text 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. 


Over the past 5 weeks, the children have participated in a variety of engaging educational activities that focused on reading, writing, and speaking. They have expanded their vocabulary and learnt how to build simple sentences related to tea party food and drinks. The children are starting to understand the structure of stories by sequencing and acting out scenes from the story. There was much laughter and entertainment when the children used their handmade character masks to role-play Sophie, mummy and the tiger.  



To prepare for our picnic event, the children created their own shopping lists for items we might need for our tea party. Additionally, they wrote letters to invite the tiger to join us in our celebration. These activities aimed to inspire the children to write lines from left to right and illustrate their thoughts through drawings. The teachers provided assistance in transcribing their ideas. These engaging exercises nurtured their creativity, communication abilities, and comprehension of letter-writing concepts. Finally, it was time to post the letters in the mailbox. 



The enchanting picnic day began at the library, where we gathered together to read a book. Afterward, the children showed their creativity by making their own sandwiches, with cheese and cucumber being a popular choice. It was truly magical to witness the joy on the children's faces when the tiger arrived at our tea party. We had an incredible picnic on the field where the tiger read-out the letters that the children wrote to him. Some highlights were "Dear tiger, you need to say sorry. You eat too much!" " Come to our party, we will have cake” and “Dear tiger, we will have sandwiches. We can share with you”.


Overall, the picnic tea event and activities associated with the core text 'The Tiger who came to tea' aimed to engage students, develop various skills, foster creativity and imagination, and provide a fun and interactive learning experience centered around this classic story.