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02 February, 2024

Celebrating Oxford Offer at BSG

Celebrating Oxford Offer at BSG-George offer-offer cover

We are thrilled to share that one of our outstanding graduates has received an offer from the prestigious University of Oxford! We couldn't be prouder of George, whose achievement is a testament to both his exceptional talent and the academic excellence fostered here at BSG.


At BSG, we strive to provide our students with an environment that nurtures their intellectual curiosity and empowers them to reach for the stars. George's success serves as a shining example of what can be accomplished with dedication, hard work, and the support of our incredible faculty and staff.


Celebrating Oxford Offer at BSG-George offer


As we celebrate George's incredible accomplishment, we also reflect on the journey that led him here. George joined BSG since Pre-Nursery and this is another reminder that the longer students study with us, the higher their academic achievements soar.

Interview questions for George He.


1. Congratulations on receiving an offer from Oxford! Can you share your journey with us? How many years have you been studying at BSG and what motivated you to pursue psychology at Oxford?


Yeah, so I’ve spent practically my entire life at BSG, starting out as a little baby in pre-nursery and I guess here I am, 15 years later.

I really started developing an interest in psychology in Year 11. I am fascinated by how it helps me better understand myself and tries to scientifically navigate one of the most complex objects in the world (the human brain).

There is so little we know for sure right now in psychology, but I find that super unique and exciting and I can’t imagine a better place to discuss, debate and explore its unpredictable future than oxford, especially in something they have called tutorials. That’s really, I guess, why I applied. On top of that, their course is very much in line with what I want to do in the future, which is maybe conduct research.


2. IGCSEs and A-levels can be challenging. How has our curriculum and teaching support contributed to your academic success? Are there any specific teachers or subjects that you found particularly beneficial in preparing for your Oxford and other universities applications?


Once I figured out what I wanted to do during IGCSEs, doing A levels allowed me to focus on subjects I was good at or enjoyed so that I didn’t spread myself out too thin, with plenty of time to explore my interests outside of lessons. The EPQ was also an incredibly helpful opportunity for me, as a first-hand experience into what I would have to do in university, a chance to explore my subject in depth, and something I could confidently talk at great length about in my interviews.

Beyond the curriculum, I’m actually really grateful that many of my teachers I’ve come across throughout my time at BSG have encouraged me to think critically instead of passively, an invaluable skill for universities like oxford and a virtue for life in general, honestly.


3. In addition to academic achievements, extracurricular activities often play a role in college applications. Could you tell us about any extracurricular experiences that you believe have strengthened your application to Oxford? How have these activities contributed to your personal and academic growth?


So, to be clear, oxford won’t ask you for your extracurriculars specifically when applying. However, my time in school productions and homeless love have developed qualities such as confidence and empathy while allowing me to meet some amazing people. Such personal growth doesn’t need to be justified by a line on a personal statement at the end of the day, im really happy to have done them.


4. Oxford is known for its rigorous academic environment. How do you feel our school has prepared you for the challenges that you may face at Oxford, both academically and personally?


I’ve always been surrounded by a genuinely nice community of people at BSG. And I think because of this, I’ve come to realize the importance of having a support system of friends, family or teachers you can fall back on in face of challenges, because there are bound to be moments where I may feel overwhelmed.


5. The support and guidance of teachers are crucial during the college application process. How did your teachers assist you in preparing for the application, including writing recommendation letters or providing advice on the admissions process?


I want to thank my university advisor, Ms Lynn, who supported me through every step of my application and answered any questions I had. I could tell she really did care and wanted nothing but the best for me.

I also want to give a shoutout to the teachers that conducted a mock interview with me Ms Millar, Mx Keelin, and also my biology teacher Mr Dillow who I had a lovely conversation with about the brain and research. Their encouragement and advice made sure I had nothing to worry about for my interviews, and I guess it’s no surprise I ended up thoroughly enjoying them.


6. Looking back, what advice would you give to current A-levels students who aspire to follow in your footsteps and apply to prestigious universities like Oxford? Are there any specific strategies or resources that you found particularly helpful in your application journey?


The general advice I have for A-level students and honestly anybody, is to find a subject you absolutely love. If you can, the application process will be more of a downhill stroll rather than an uphill battle.

Also, for those of you in year 12, go and check out some YouTube videos from the official channels of the university or department you are looking into. I was really fortunate that the channels for the psychology department and Jesus college at Oxford had some really useful videos that helped guide me throughout the entire process. The main reason I’m saying this is because sometimes you might realize what you think they want is different from what they actually want.