Celebrating Outstanding A-Level and EPQ Results-BSG A Level Modular grades-Nord Anglia Education
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25 March, 2024

Celebrating Outstanding A-Level and EPQ Results

Celebrating Outstanding A-Level and EPQ Results-BSG A Level Modular grades-Image_BSG_Guangzhou_2023_DSC_2598

The 7th March marked a day of celebration as students at the British School of Guangzhou (BSG) awaited their January external examination Advanced Level module results in subjects as diverse as Biology to Further Maths.


Among the highlights was the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), where eight students achieved A*-A grades. This was a testament to their dedication to their learning guided by our qualified, dedicated and professional teachers, and supported at home by their parents.


Out of the 114 modular examinations taken, the BSG cohort showcased their academic prowess with an impressive 62% achieving A grades, and 73% achieving A* to B grades.

Sixteen students achieved perfect scores on their AS/A Level exams, which speaks volumes about their depth of understanding and mastery of their subjects.


Kerry Millar, Head of Secondary, was proud of the students' achievements. She praised their unwavering focus and determination, emphasizing their status as excellent role models for the British School of Guangzhou community. She highlighted the growing importance of the EPQ, noting its recognition by leading universities, which motivated over 22 of the Year 12 students to enrol for the next examination session.


The grades reflect the knowledge learned, the challenges overcome, and the growth achieved. The students of BSG have shown how they excelled academically and demonstrated resilience, determination, and a thirst for deeper leaning - qualities that will serve them well as the create their futures.