Cameron Graham

Business teacher

Cameron is an experienced educator in his seventh year of teaching. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of working in prestigious schools in both Shanghai and Guangzhou, where he consistently contributed to their incredible success. Cameron holds a Bachelor of Business in Finance and Accounting, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and Master’s in Education from Sunderland University. Within the Master’s he had the opportunity to conduct his own research on improving student outcomes.

Cameron’s journey began in an international school in Shanghai, where he embraced the culture and community around him. He has experience leading IB Business, A-level and IGCSE Business and Economics curriculums. Cameron is an educator with experience, a clear vision and passion for the subjects he teaches.

Always looking to improve Cameron continuously seeks professional development opportunities to improve his teaching skills. This is evident by his completion of the Masters in Education. This program allowed him to continually improve his teaching skills and knowledge. He has dedicated himself to enhancing the business curriculum and promoting business analysis for pleasure, ensuring that students receive the highest quality of education. Through his dedication and commitment, Cameron consistently strives for outstanding results, not only by enhancing curriculum standards but also by promoting business analysis outside the classroom which in turn helps students achieve excellent results.

Outside of the classroom, Cameron has an interest in fitness, listening to music from all genres and perfecting his favourite slow cooked stews and curries from around the world.