Neil Reedie

Year 6 Teacher

Neil has been living and working as teacher in Guangzhou since 2007. His background is in EAL, and he has over a decade of experience in teaching English to children of all ages across the city. He is passionate about language and uses all his expertise from EAL to provide outstanding teaching and learning for his students. He has been teaching at BSG since 2018, and has fulfilled the role of both EAL Teacher, and Class Teacher. His commitment to his professional development has been constant, as has his advocacy for his students.

His classroom is aways full of positive energy. It is a place where students can experiment, collaborate, and grow. He creates a strong rapport with his classes through high expectations of both behaviour, and academic attainment. The students’ learning is differentiated so that each child, regardless of ability, can expect to make meaningful progress in all core subjects. In this environment students build confidence and resilience, and develop the independence to be successful in secondary school.

When he is not teaching, Neil is usually playing or listening to music, or reading books. He also loves the great outdoors, and enjoys running, and spending time in the mountains. Living and working in China has given him the opportunity to travel extensively across this amazing country, while also experiencing almost everything Southeast Asia has to offer. He is an extremely proud and grateful member of the BSG community.