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18 September, 2015

Interview With New PE Teachers

Interview With New PE Teachers

Interviewed by Gia Khanh and Giang in 9B

Interview With New PE Teachers Ms Alicia Smith and Mr Perry Wild, the two new PE teachers, were interviewed by Gia Khanh and Giang in 9B.

Interviewed by Gia Khanh and Giang in 9B

1. How do you motivate students who do not actively participate?

Ms Alicia Smith: I try to encourage them and explain the importance of Physical Education.

Mr Perry Wild: I create an environment where it is ok to make mistakes.

2.  Why did you come to Vietnam?

Mr Perry Wild: I wanted a new challenge and also make the biggest difference to the school.

Ms Alicia Smith: I want to work with a school that has great potential.

3.  What do you like about the school?

Ms Alicia Smith: Both the staff and the students are friendly. Everybody is friendly here.

Mr Perry Wild: Everyone is happy and they enjoy the school.

4.  What will you do if the lesson didn't go well?

Ms Alicia Smith: I will change the activity slightly but it still practices the same skill.

Mr Perry Wild: I will try and explain it differently and if they don't understand, I will modify it.

5.  What is your role as a PE teacher?

Ms Alicia Smith: I want to increase the number of participation in sport and also help students to learn about a healthy lifestyle when they leave the school.

Mr Perry Wild: I want to make everybody love sport and also better at it.

6.  How long have you been a PE teacher?

Ms Alicia Smith: This is my 3rd year as a PE teacher. I have also been a swimming teacher for 5 years.

Mr Perry Wild: This is my 6th year of teaching. Before this, I had been coaching football in America.