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28 May, 2020

How does BVIS develop the truly global citizens with Vietnamese perspective?

How does BVIS develop the truly global citizens with Vietnamese perspective? - how-does-bvis-develops-the-truly-global-citizens-with-vietnamese-perspective
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It was such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this trip! We had such an eye-opening experience and got to enjoy a truly international atmosphere. Global citizenship was one of the core values of this trip, and the different perspectives we were exposed to taught us a lot in the way we think and perceive others, which is crucial in the time where stereotypes and discrimination still exist.
Kaysie – Class of 2020 Alumna | Full Scholarship Achiever at York University Canada
Kaysie – Class of 2020 Alumna | Full Scholarship Achiever at York University Canada
How does BVIS develop the truly global citizens with Vietnamese perspective?

“The comments made from Hoang Khoi also refers to the concerns from many Vietnamese parents about how children can retain the understanding and knowledge of their home language, culture and traditions whilst also developing the characteristics of being a global citizen in a constantly changing  world,” said Mr Simon Higham, BVIS HCMC Principal.

Since the very beginning, BVIS HCMC has shaped and developed a unique educational mission of Global Citizens – Vietnamese Perspective with the aim of nurturing a young, talented, ambitious generation who thrive within a globalisation environment without losing sight of who they are and where they come from.

At BVIS, we fully understand that a truly global citizen needs to have the right knowledge, skills and global perspective. At the same time, they also need to be absorbed within their country’s culture and traditions to succeed in life and make positive contributions to the outside world.

Ensure the proficiency of English and Vietnamese

First and foremost, BVIS nurtures the bilingual proficiency of each student from the international bilingual curriculum in Early Years which is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This well established and respected curriculum focuses upon the well-rounded development through a play-based activities within a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

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The international bilingual curriculum continues into the Primary years which combines the English National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum. With selected subjects taught separately in English and Vietnamese whilst others are delivered in both languages, BVIS thrives on bringing the best of Vietnamese and British education to all students, nurturing confident bilingual learners.

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The proficiency in both languages forms a great foundation for our students to seamlessly transition to the globally recognised IGCSE and A Level programmes in Secondary, which are tailored to each student’s ability, needs and aspirations. From 50% English and 50% Vietnamese learning in Early Years and Primary, students progress to 80% English and 20% Vietnamese learning in the early years of Secondary (Year 7 to 9). When taking IGCSE and A level subjects, student learning is between 90% and 100% in English.


Building knowledge, skills, and characteristics of a global citizen

Throughout their educational journey, all members of the BVIS community are encouraged in order to foster universal values such as personal integrity, respect for others and care for the local and global community. This is achieved through our extensive curriculum and reinforced through diverse extracurricular activities and exciting expeditions both in Vietnam and across the globe.


Since joining Nord Anglia Education (NAE) in 2015, BVIS continues to offer unlimited learning experiences for all students, through unique collaborations with world-leading organisations such as MIT, Juilliard and UNICEF. The bespoke experiences are offered through our NAE Global Campus – a platform that allows students to connect and share creativity, discussion, and develop teamwork with friends around the world. Expeditions for students that are available through Global Campus include: Community focused service learning in Tanzania, Africa or participation in the UN High Level Conference in New York, USA.

Preserve Vietnamese tradition through meaningful events and activities

Through the educational journey of each student, BVIS highly values the importance of developing, understanding and preserving Vietnamese culture. We often organise meaningful events, focusing upon the beautiful Vietnamese traditions that bring our extended family together to celebrate Tet Fair, Full Moon Celebration, Grandparent’s Day, Children’s Day and much more.

You want the best for your child. So do we!

We believe that parents share the same ambitions and aspirations as we do for a children’s future role within a global society when sending children to BVIS. The experience and long-term successes that are achieved year after year will ensure that your child’s educational journey will move to the right direction. BVIS children deserve the very best.......and they get it!

The school’s sixth Graduating Class will leave BVIS this summer, full of ambition and excitement to confidently pursue their next journey. The fact that they are well placed in prestigious universities worldwide also proves BVIS’s commitment with each family when joining our warm community. Our promise is that we will nurture global citizens and Vietnamese perspective, ready for every child to succeed in any pathway they would like to choose.