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16 July, 2021

Sending a farewell to EYFS, We are heading to an exciting Year 1 !

Sending a farewell to EYFS, We are heading to an exciting Year 1 ! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - sending-a-farewell-to-eyfs-we-are-heading-to-an-exciting-year-1-
Sending a farewell to EYFS, We are heading to an exciting Year 1 ! BVIS HCMC Role  Playing International Week 2020 1

#1 A more mature look with new uniforms 


#1 A more mature look with new uniforms 

Transitioning from EYFS to Year 1, our children will be wearing a new mature and dynamic uniform design which is exclusive for Primary students, with polo T-shirt and shorts or skorts. During the new academic year 2021-2022, the new BVIS Primary uniform stands out for its comfortable, minimalist design but still showing identity and pride in our school to help your child freely represent themselves in a new and friendly environment with friends. 

#2 Challenge yourself with new and exciting subject


2Challenge yourself with new and exciting subjects

Year 1 marks an important start in your child’s Primary journey. At BVIS, students will begin to get familiar with new, and diverse subjects that build upon the skills developed during their years in EYFS. 

The Year 1 timetable includes: Maths, Science, Literature, Phonics, IPC topics (study topics adapted from the International Primary Program or also known as "Lien ket" at BVIS) and Physical Education which is bilingually taught in both English and Vietnamese. Exciting learning helps students to nurture flexible thinking and creativity as well as develop their confidence and independence. Personalised teaching and maximum care from our fully qualified and experienced teachers will help all children to quickly adapt and improve on their new learning journey. 

#3 Explore a new range of Primary facilities


3 Exploreanew range ofPrimary facilities

Advanced facilities in Primary focus on providing a safe, convenient, and flexible learning environment where students are inspirated to nourish their talents. Children explore an exciting new range of primary facilities including specialist teachers in PE, music, ICT, and art.  

In addition, BVIS facilities for Primary students include: 

  • A modern, welcoming Library with more than 70,000 books. 
  • A Theatre and Main Hall for performances, assemblies, drama, music and rehearsals. 
  • A double sized multipurpose sports hall 
  • An indoor, heated 25m swimming pool for weekly swimming lessons 
  • Open spaces and a large recently updated grass playing field for sports and exercise. 
  • STEAM room 

#4 Golden Time – a reward for student’s effort


4 Golden Time a reward for students effort

Rewarding children for their positive learning, hard-work and self-improvement, Golden Time activities across the Primary school are held weekly on Friday afternoons as a reward for student’s commendable efforts. In Golden Time, children will be able to participate in out-door activities of their choice.

Through these activities, we aim to inspire your child to keep on learning, strive for self-improvement and develop a balance between study and play to ensure the best for your child’s natural growth. And overall wellbeing. Golden Time not only brings positive reinforcement but also helps to build long lasting trust and effective relationships between each child and their teachers. 

#5 Challenge your leadership skills by joining the Primary Student Council today!


5 Challengeyour leadership skillsby joining the Primary Student Counciltoday

Right from the beginning of Primary School, BVIS allows students to experience a variety of challenging and meaningful activities and being part of the Student Council is just one of these. - Members of our Student Council allows our children to challenge themselves in leadership, building relationships and connecting with and championing the views of others.

Our BVIS Primary years directly build upon the work carried out in EYFS in forming and further developing children's skills and moral qualities. We believe that Student Council helps to strengthen children’s skills in leadership, problem-solving, organising activities and teamwork. Are you ready to spread your positive energy to the BVIS community? Join Student Council now! 

Welcome to Year 1!