24 June, 2021

Nhat Lam's story

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Congratulations to our Year 6 student Dang Nhat Lam (Bella) for successfully qualifying for the Global Round at the World Scholar’s Cup 2021! 
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Since its inception in 2006, the World Scholar’s Cup has become a global learning festival for children worldwide aged 8 to 18. Welcoming thousands of excellent students from more than 60 countries, the World Scholar’s Cup presents a life-changing opportunity that affords students a chance to sharpen their critical thinking, research, academic writing, debating and logical thinking skills. 


Joining the Skittles division (for children aged 8 to 11), Nhat Lam's comprehensive knowledge base and excellent English debating skills brought her and her two teammates victory. Finishing 1st in the team debating round and 2nd in the writing round, her team ranked 2nd overall. With this outstanding result, Nhat Lam and her teammates have won tickets to the Global Round in Danang. 

Success at WSC (Bella) 1

For Nhat Lam, she sees the World Scholar’s Cup as a catalyst for knowledge, cultivating confidence and public speaking skills. 

When asked how teenage fashion would change in the next 20 years, Nhat Lam impressed the judges with an answer that went far beyond her personal views. She stated that fashion is the reflection of our true selves on the inside - a growing sense of strong personality within teenagers worldwide is driving a sophisticated trend in youth fashion. 

BVIS is extremely proud of Nhat Lam’s achievement and we wish her and the team the very best of luck in the Global Round!  

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