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22 February, 2022

A caring learning environment that unlocks your child's potential

A caring learning environment that unlocks your child's potential BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - a-caring-learning-environment-that-unlocks-your-childs-potential
A caring learning environment that unlocks your child's potential BVIS Thao Chi 2

Our student Thao Chi has enjoyed lots of stimulating experiences throughout her Primary journey at BVIS. She was successfully elected to gain the role of President of the Primary Student Council, participated in many community service projects and joined the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) U13 games with peers from 11 other premium NAE schools.

BVIS Thao Chi 3

Thao Chi’s Mum – Mrs Thao Nguyen believed that the ongoing encouragement and care from the dedicated teaching team at BVIS helped her daughter to overcome her initial shyness to enable her to thrive in many aspects of her life including leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

“Just like Thao Chi, I have always held a respect for BVIS since my daughter’s first day at school. It was a warm, friendly and close-knit environment within school. Even a shy little girl like Thao Chi could quickly become comfortable and she was nurtured to be confident in herself within a caring and considerate school and encouraged to reflect and enquire. That moment made me believe that BVIS was the right school for my child,” shared Mrs Thao.

BVIS Thao Chi (1)

We understand that students have different needs and learn in different ways.

Our children’s learning is personalised based up on their own strengths, interests and talents, thus developing their independence, confidence and a love of learning. At Primary, our students access a unique international bilingual curriculum within a stimulating and discipline learning environment. This motivates them to broaden their horizons, embrace great characters values, unlock their potential and become the best version of themselves that they possibly can be.