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11 August, 2022

Meet Mr Toby Bate - Our new Head of Secondary at BVIS HCMC

We warmly welcome Mr Toby Bate joining BVIS HCMC as our new Head of Secondary starting from the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Mr Bate starts his new role at BVIS with 16 years of extensive experience in education and a range of leadership positions across international schools in Asia helping to support our secondary community to provide a memorable and unique learning experience. 

Before joining BVIS HCMC, Mr Bate was Deputy Head of Academics in a large international school in Cairo, Egypt.  

 In addition to his leadership experience, Mr Bate has been an examiner for different UK and international examination boards, and is a  member of the Royal Society of Biology and has worked with the Cambridge exam board as part of their IGCSE Science consultancy group. Most recently, he has thrived on developing his professional knowledge by completing his MSc (Hons) in Blended and Online Learning at Edinburgh Napier University.  

Mr Bate is excited to talk about his first impressions in school and how education best prepares our children in an ever-changing world. 



1. What is your philosophy in terms of education?  

We all have our core values of what makes us teachers, but the application of these values will alter slightly depending on the context in which we are working. Personally, I believe that any student can be successful in any subject, given enough time and directed effort from that student. We have the responsibility to educate the whole child and not just focus on the grades that the student will obtain at the end of their GCSEs or A levels. We need to ensure that BVIS is helping its graduates into life-long learners who will make a positive impact on whichever field they choose to major in.  

2. What do you enjoy the most about working in a school?  

School is a fantastic place to work, and I enjoy working with young people and knowing that every day will be different. It is great to be surrounded by curious minds that are aiming for success on a global scale. Having the chance to work with enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and intelligent staff members is truly energizing. As teachers is it also important to reflect on the responsibility we have as educators to prepare students for the world that comes after A levels and University.  


3. In your opinion, are the main challenges facing education today? 

The manner in which information is presented freely across the internet has created many opportunities as well as challenges. As educators, it is not only our responsibility to teach students content and skills, but to actually learn how to constructively challenge the knowledge they are presented with. The new educational landscape, with its rapidly changing terrain, has slightly altered the role of the teacher and we have to be mindful that we are trying to prepare students for roles and jobs that do not exist yet.  

4. How do we ensure that our children are fully equipped for an ever-changing world?  

The focus on what students are learning, in some respects, has had to change. There is still, undoubtedly, huge importance on the ability to retain factual information, but this is now just part of what makes a successful student. Our role as educators needs to encompass a wider learning experience, ensuring that students can integrate successfully into any team and take on different roles within that team. In order to do this, we need to create realistic, practical opportunities for students to practice and develop their skills. By doing this, students will be ready for whatever challenges they will face in the future.  




5. What is your first impression of BVIS HCMC?  

Everything I have seen so far has demonstrated what a great school it is. I have been so impressed with the welcome process and how helpful and keen everyone has been to aid me in settling into the school. All the staff I have met have been very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Seeing how positive and complimentary people are about the students and the community. I can’t wait to get involved in the day-to-day life of the school.  

6. Is there any message you would like to send to BVIS HCMC’s community?  

My family and I are very much looking forward to integrating into the learning and vibrant community and helping the school to continue to grow and develop. We are thankful for the opportunity to live in Vietnam, as it’s a country we have visited before, and we love the rich cultural heritage and amazing natural beauty it has to offer.  

Welcome aboard Mr Bate! We wish you all the best in your journey at BVIS.