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14 November, 2023

Expressing the Spirit of EDI through artworks, why not?

Expressing the Spirit of EDI through artworks, why not? - Expressing the Spirit of EDI through Artworks

Visiting our BVIS library these days, you will be impressed by the vibrant decoration of the ceiling with numerous beautiful works of art.

This is the result of a unique project carried out by our Secondary students since the beginning of this school year, drawing inspiration from famous books on the theme of EDI, recommended and voted for by many educators over the years.

EDI stands for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. At the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, our Principal Mr Simon Higham conveyed and emphasized the importance of educating every BVIS member about and promoting EDI within the school community.

The project to decorate the library's ceiling with book covers was initiated and launched afterward. 

To kickstart the project, Ms. Truc, Librarian at BVIS connected with student Viet Khoa from Grade 10 to discuss ideas on how to promote EDI more effectively. Viet Khoa reached out to friends who had a passion for painting and formed a project group. Recognizing that books are always an effective tool for individuals to absorb and enhance their awareness of EDI, the group proposed the design project for the library's ceiling using book covers related to EDI, and they received positive responses from teachers. The project took place in extracurricular clubs two days a week from September to November and concluded successfully, bringing an inspiring path of EDI to the school library.

Let's visit the BVIS library to appreciate the beautiful artworks from this project!