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03 April, 2024

The first-ever TEDxYOUTH storm at BVIS!

The first-ever TEDxYOUTH storm at BVIS! - The first-ever TEDxYOUTH storm at BVIS

At the inaugural TEDxYouth event at BVIS, four talented student speakers presented intriguing and fresh perspectives on some of today's prominent contemporary life themes. 

Nam Phuong (Year 10) chose to explore the topic of our society’s toxic work culture and the ways in which it impacts student life by using the popular trope of the “Tortured Artist” to draw a comparison. Nam Phuong hopes that by the end of her talk, people will be inspired to take better care of themselves thus cultivating an overall healthier community of high achievers. 

Nhu Y (Year 12) aims to raise awareness among people in general and young people in particular through her speech on ‘Toxic Femininity and Toxic Feminism’. She hopes to encourage both genders to understand how certain actions can be harmful, propose some solutions to address this issue, as well as help people learn something new from this speech and avoid misinformation from the media. 

As the sole male speaker in this year's TEDx Youth event, Minh Hien (Year 12) delivered a speech on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since the use of AI is a growing trend in today's age, Minh Hien intended to help people understand AI more deeply by presenting facts and examples explaining the definition and workings of AI, especially in the fields of neural networks in AI.  

Ha Vy (Year 13) focused on the theme of the power of observations and perspectives for her TEDx speech. Vy wants to highlight the importance of learning to understand the world around us from various perspectives, also known as multidimensional thinking. Vy believes this is an essential skill for young adults in the process of developing into global citizens at BVIS. 

It can be said that TEDxYOUTH BVIS HCMC is one of the largest-scale events ever organized by the BVIS Student Council, which was a resounding success. 

The positive and professional collaboration of the students, especially Khanh Linh and Nancy (Year 13), the Student Council co-presidents working with BVIS Marketing team and representatives from the TEDx organization, demonstrated their leadership and project management abilities to ensure the event's success.

Thank you to the parents, teachers, and students who attended and contributed to the success of the event.