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14 May, 2024

Our Bulldog Team had an excellent week at U11 FOBISIA Friendly Games 2024

Our Bulldog Team had an excellent week at U11 FOBISIA Friendly Games 2024 - Our Bulldog Team had an excellent week at U11 FOBISIA Friendly Games 2024

From May 5 to May 9, 2024, 22 bulldogs travelled to Thailand to compete in the U11 FOBISIA Friendly Games at Pattana Sports Resort. 
Throughout the 3 days our bulldogs competed in athletic and swimming events as well as taking part in a teeball and football tournament. We had an excellent week of sport!

Our Bulldog Team had an excellent week at U11 FOBISIA Friendly Games 2024 - Our Bulldog Team had an excellent week at U11 FOBISIA Friendly Games 2024

Day 1

AM: Athletics 

Our bulldogs trained hard to prepare for their athletics events on the track and the field. All students showed determination and perseverance in every event. 
On the track, we faced strong opposition but all bulldogs were competitive in every race, and Anh Tu achieved a bronze medal in the 60m. We had more success on the field with our throws and jumps with the following students being awarded medals: 

  • Gold: Discus B - Mia 
  • Gold: High Jump B - Kelly 
  • Bronze: Shot Put A - Chloe 
  • Bronze: Shot Put B – Mia
  • Bronze: Javelin A - Kate
  • Bronze: Javelin B - Eric
  • Bronze: High Jump B – Newton
  • Bronze: Standing Triple Jump A – Steven
  • Bronze: Standing Triple Jump A – Kelly
  • Bronze: Standing Triple Jump B – Ana

We are so proud of all our bulldogs! Savio was awarded Athletics Bulldog of the day for showing resilience and determination, he gave 100% effort in all activities and showed excellent attitude throughout the entire day.

PM: Swimming

The bulldogs had been working hard during swimming squad prior to the FOBISIA event. Their hard work didn’t go unnoticed, they entered the pool and faced some very strong opposition. Each bulldog showed determination and perseverance when competing in the races. They listened to instructions from teachers, tried their best and didn’t give up. 
We did very well in the pool and came away with the following medals;

  • Gold: 25m Breaststroke C – Kate
  • Silver: 25m Freestyle A – Eric
  • Silver: 25m Backstroke C – Sally
  • Silver: 50m Backstroke B – Dean
  • Bronze: 25m Freestyle B – Steven
  • Bronze: 25m Freestyle B – Ana
  • Bronze: 25m Backstroke B – Chloe
  • Gold: 25m Kickboard – Karen
  • Bronze: 25m Kickboard – Sake

The final event of the day was a tyre relay, each child was involved, and it was such a fun way to end the day. Smiles on their faces and shouts of encouragement coming from the bulldogs were a pleasure to see. 
Mia was awarded Swimming Bulldog of the day for showing perseverance and an excellent attitude. Mia was placed in many of the quickest heats and narrowly missed out on a podium place in a few of her races. She didn’t give up at all and still ended the day with a smile on her face.

Day 2: Teeball

Day 2 was disrupted due to a storm passing though meaning the teeball did not get underway until 4pm. All students entered into their first game with excellent determination and showed good teamwork, communication and resilience. 
Our Teeball A team came away with a bronze medal! They have worked so hard over the last couple of months preparing for this competition! They applied all their knowledge and understanding of the game brilliantly against tough competition! We are so proud of their effort and dedication! 
Anh Tu and Coca impressed with their attitude and were awarded with the Teeball Bulldog of the day. They were supportive of their friends and made good decisions under pressure. Anh Tu showed leadership and calmed his team down when there was some times of panic. Coca showed excellent attitude when batting and fielding to help his team gain points.

Day 3: Football

Football, the sun was shining, and the children were ready to go. The girls started the tournament at 8am shortly followed by the boys at 8:30am. 
Both teams unfortunately lost to two very strong teams, but they worked so hard and didn’t stop until the final whistle. The bulldogs knew they’d have 5 more games to show what they could do. 
After the first couple of games the bulldogs really started to play football, they worked as a team and were passing the ball nicely. The defence from both teams was excellent throughout, they worked so hard to stop the attacks. Both the boys and girls teams started playing with excitement and the team spirit was high. 
Goals were scored by Sake, Anh Tu, Jun and Mia for the teams and the cheers could be heard all around the field when we scored. Coca managed to score from a goal kick but it was sadly disallowed. 
The boys managed to get 3 wins and the girls managed to draw 2 of their matches leading to a 4th place finish for the boys and a 6th place finish for the girls.  
Steven and Ana were awarded Football Bulldogs of the day. Steven was captain and really showed a sense of maturity as the games went on. He reflected on feedback, supported his teammates and was solid in defence. 
Ana was also captain and led by example from the first game. She kept us in some difficult games with some incredible saves. Multiple teachers from other schools commented on her acrobatics in goal. She must have saved the bulldogs 20-30 goals with her saves.
Well done Bulldogs!