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News image Daniel Lozakovich Blog | blog | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité | School news
Daniel Lozakovich private concert organised by Collège du Léman
At Collège du Léman, we are pleased to invite you to a private violin concert from our boarding student Daniel Lozakovich. Having his album produced by Deutsche Grammophon, Daniel is studying his last semester at Collège du Léman. This concert is his salute to the school.
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News image GC Page Link Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
Students learn better when they learn together
Teamwork and collaboration are key skills that students must develop to thrive in the future
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News image EDTECH_LINK Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité
Moving into mobile learning
Education technology is bridging the gap between theory and practice by providing students more engaging, personalised learning experiences, teachers are finding. Increasing and integrating the use of mobile devices at schools can engage students at a deeper level with what they’re learning, San Roberto International School’s IT Director Arturo Dares says.
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News image VA_LINK Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité
Leading by example
Alumni artists from The Juilliard School frequently visit our schools around the world, transforming the connection students have to the performing arts.
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News image STEAM_LINK Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
What’s the problem?
Employers want schools to equip students with complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills from a young age to better prepare them for work in the future
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News image Page Link Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
Step up and take action! Inspiring students to move from awareness to action in their communities
Jefta Timmer was only 10 years old when she moved from her home in the Netherlands to India with her family. While she knew she would be leaving behind her old home, her childhood friends and her favourite foods, she had no idea that she would also be leaving behind her old perspective of the world forever.
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News image LINK Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
The goal of playing the game
Playing competitive sports can teach students many positive social behaviours and life skills, but above all they realise that true competition is about working on themselves.
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News image Image1 Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
Making it personal
Educators are leaving traditional practices behind in favour of a tailored, more personalised approach for each student that gives them greater control over their own learning.
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News image KidsTakeOver  IMAGE Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
Schools to celebrate World Children’s Day with #NAEKidsTakeOver events
Nord Anglia students around the world will celebrate World Children's Day on 20 November 2018 to raise their voices to address some of the most pressing questions facing the planet.
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News image Copy of Wide design of posts Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured
Sustainability Competition
To encourage our students to better use the recycling centres, we are launching a competition for all students of the school.
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News image blendedlearningtoovercometechnologyresistance News | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured
To go blended, these teachers take the driver's seat
Although much of current research has focused on U.S. trends in blended learning, over the past year Blended Learning Universe has taken an increasingly global lens on how schools are going blended. This month they sat down with Jacob Rosch, head of educational technology at Collège du Léman, to hear about his team’s teacher-customized blended-learning adoption process.
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News image Breadwinner  LINK News | schoolnews | School news | Actualité
This year's Sustainable Development Goals and the 'Worlds Largest Lesson
All Nord Anglia students are empowered to make a difference and to positively impact the world. Through our collaboration with UNICEF, students participate in meaningful activities to effect change in their schools and communities at large. To focus these efforts on specific goals, UNICEF annually challenges Nord Anglia students to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, which are a collection 17 goals set by the United Nations regarding social and economic development issues.
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News image NAEGivingBack_HERO News | schoolnews | School news | Actualité
NAE amplifies giving back and leads the way on creating tomorrows change makers
We are proud to announce that Nord Anglia Education will allocate $US100million over the next 10 years to establish a charitable foundation and a global campaign centre aimed at empowering students to create impactful, sustainable solutions for change.
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News image Safeguarding_HERO Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
We believe that every student has the right to be respected and to feel welcomed. Internet and social media safety for students is of paramount importance, and our teachers, staff, students and parents all have a role to play in helping students become responsible internet users.
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News image 149974paddedw780h585of1ffffffmitchallengestheme_image2 Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité | School news
This year MIT challenges YOU to be a STEAM Superhero!
The theme of this year’s MIT Challenges is STEAM Superheroes, a concept connecting Nord Anglia Education (NAE) students to current, cutting-edge research while reinforcing cross-disciplinary learning
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News image RISElogo Blog | blog | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité | School news
The Collège du Léman celebrates its academic excellence
The motto of our international school which offers all the diplomas (French Baccalaureate, Bilingual Federal Maturity but also IB, AP, High School diploma) is RISE, in connection with the statue which is at the entrance of the school.
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News image CDLMemorabiliaWatchbyHublot Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité | School news
Hublot is introducing a timepiece specifically designed for Collège du Léman; a 20-piece limited edition paying tribute to the prestigious Geneva-based institution.
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News image 16187croppedw980h400of1FFFFFFcdlppcimage1 Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité | School news
Collège du Léman students shine thanks to stellar IGCSE results
Congratulations to our students on their outstanding GCSE and IGCSE results this year! Collège du Léman’s students' results have exceeded the UK average for GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSEs (International GCSE) with 91% students achieving A*- C grades compared to the UK average of 66.9%.
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News image preschool Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité | School news
Welcome back to school! The 2018/2019 school year is set to be our biggest and best yet! We're proud to be offering an incredible range of events for our students, from the launch of Juilliard drama programmes in some schools, regional STEAM festivals and competitions with MIT, and other life-changing, group-wide events.
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