Daniel Lozakovich Concert at the Victoria Hall, Geneva. - daniel-lozakovich-concert-at-the-victoria-hall-geneva
Collège du Léman
08 May, 2019

Daniel Lozakovich Concert at the Victoria Hall, Geneva.

Daniel Lozakovich Concert at the Victoria Hall, Geneva. A fantastic evening with violin prodigy Daniel Lozakovich at the Victoria Hall in Geneva. JohannSauty8108
The Collège du Léman has always taken great pride in its students and Daniel Lozakovich is no exception. Inseparable from his violin since he was six years old, the young prodigy who finishes his schooling at Collège du Léman, has quickly become a rising star and is now acclaimed by critics and audiences all over the world. His last salute to our school, a concert at Victoria Hall in Geneva, May 5, 2019.
A talented young musician, an iconic place and a great opportunity. This is the recipe for a successful event. Wishing to honor this student whom we have been proud to accompany over the years, Collège du Léman has chosen a place at the height of the occasion, the prestigious Victoria Hall.

Born in 2001 in Sweden, the young Daniel Lozakovich takes his first steps in the musical world by beginning to play piano at the age of 6 years. It's the same year, once enrolled in a music school that the magic operates, love at first sight is instantaneous, he chooses the violin. This passion will not leave him anymore and at only 9 years old, he already integrates the orchestra of the Virtuosos of Moscow, directed by the great Vladimir Spivakov. The years go by and the experiences are multiplying, punctuated by concerts, prizes and a growing recognition. In 2016, at only 15 years old, the young virtuoso signs a recording contract with the Deutsche Grammophon label and releases his very first album in June 2018. Acclaimed by the public and the greatest musical critics, he is today described as endowed with an exceptional mastery and possessing a talent in the pure state. It is a great pride for him to be able to pay this last tribute to the Collège du Léman who has been able to accompany him all these years by adapting his school curriculum to the requirements of a training worthy of that of a sportsman. high level.
Always eager to organize events representative of its values, the institution never neglects the human dimension and joins once again an association whose cause is dear to him, the Blackswan Foundation. Created in Switzerland in 2010, its mission is to support research on rare and orphan diseases that affect children around the world. It is the only association in the world to extend its support to research for any type of rare disease and not on a particular pathology, which makes it unique.


Daniel's concert has brought up a sensible awareness to the local community and helped raise more than CHF 30,000. We are grateful to Doctor Olivier Menzel and Professor Stephan Catsicas to have introduced us to the challenges of what the DNA can bring us.