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Collège du Léman
02 May, 2023

Childcare Options

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Childcare Options

Families with very young children have a few childcare options at their disposal. From the age of two years old, Collège du Léman has a wonderful and nurturing pre-school option where your child will make friends, have fun and begin to grasp some of the first building blocks of learning.

Before this age, one of the most popular options is a Maman de Jour, otherwise known as a childminder or Day Care Mother. These are local mothers who take a small number of extra children for prearranged hours during the day. While under her care, children are carefully looked after, fed at appropriate times and also put down for a nap if agreed. A Maman de Jour is usually trained and approved. Once options are identified in your local area, meetings and trial sessions can be arranged before finally agreeing on a particular option.

Another possibility is hiring an au pair. An au pair is a young adult from another country who lives with your family for around a year, provides in-home childcare and can assist with light household duties. Au pairs can work up to 45 hours per week in exchange for the opportunity to live with a family. Because au pairs provide live-in childcare, they offer great flexibility, caring for your children at times that accommodate your family's individual schedule. Work permits and health insurance must be taken care of by families themselves. Au Pair World is a useful place to start looking at options.

Babysitters are also an option for more impromptu and less frequent care. Your local municipal office can provide you with a list of babysitters in the local area. You can also get in contact with our Parents Faculty Association, who can guide you and give some recommendations.