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Collège du Léman
02 May, 2023

Switzerland And Its Culture

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A delicious atmosphere of tradition interwoven with a cutting-edge modernity, Switzerland’s international mindset is at the root of Collège du Léman’s own ethos.

Swiss Culture

Though a relatively small country, Switzerland is steeped in culture, with a rich heritage brimming with traditions that go back centuries. Synonymous with elegance, craftmanship and excellence, Switzerland boasts a host of inventions, from the elegantly simplistic Swiss army knife to the complex artistry of Swiss watches – not to mention the invention of chocolate!

This innovative spirit is far from being merely historical: CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, is actually located in Geneva, and Switzerland was named number one in the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) ranking in 2018 for the 8th year in a row.

International Appeal

This inventive inclination is no doubt a factor in Switzerland’s attraction to people all over the world, along with the country’s innately multilingual culture. Aside from the four official languages – French, German, Italian and Romansch – 60% of the population speak English, again attesting to the balance between respect for tradition and global perspective.

Geneva itself, 40% of which is made up by foreigners, is a perfect example. Housing the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the World Trade Organisation, its place on the world stage is a testament to Switzerland’s reputation for neutrality and diplomacy. As for democracy, the individual is truly respected in Swiss policy: any citizen can challenge any law passed by parliament if they can gather a petition of 50,000 signatures within 100 days.

Swiss Life

Perhaps the country’s fame as a seat of diplomacy is due to the Swiss themselves. Renowned for their calm and warm demeanour, their attributes are reminiscent of the tranquil and prosperous beauty of the Alps. An idyll of sweeping vistas, shining lakes and lush pastures, the quiet majesty of the country’s geography is simply breathtaking, and provides the perfect setting for all sorts of intrepid sports, including skiing, sailing and glorious hiking opportunities.

As if this optimal combination wasn’t enough to make Switzerland one of the most desired countries to live in, the Swiss’ attitude towards education is truly exceptional. Teaching here is not only one of the highest paid professions in the nation: educators here receive the second highest salary in relation to lifestyle in the world.

The education we provide is an embodiment of this great nation’s values, and the opportunities this country can provide for your child are as varied and exceptional as the innovation of the Swiss themselves.