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Collège du Léman
10 October, 2023

Celebrating Excellence with the National Honor Society's newest members

National Honor Society-National Honor Society-Collège du Léman National Honor Society

In the presence of our Director General, Mrs Pauline Nord and our Executive Principals, Mr James Bearblock and Mr Emmanuel Coigny, we just held our 54th National Honor Society (NHS) Induction Ceremony. This year, we proudly welcomed 44 outstanding students into our NHS family, making the event truly memorable.

But first, what is the National Honor Society ?

The NHS is an exclusive organisation thoughtfully crafted for high-achieving students in grades 11 and 12, or their equivalent. At Collège du Léman, our affiliation with this esteemed society dates back to 1969, making the NHS our school's oldest academic and service-oriented institution.

To qualify for NHS membership, students must exemplify excellence in the four foundational pillars of the NHS: 'scholarship,' 'leadership,' 'service,' and 'character.'
Membership in the NHS signifies a commitment to hard work, not only in NHS-related activities but also in maintaining academic excellence. NHS members are expected to serve as role models for the entire student body, setting high standards of character and behaviour.

Looking back at the Induction Ceremony

The CDL NHS President, Magnus G., along with the dedicated officers, led the ceremony with kindness and confidence.

  • Paula G. de G., the Secretary, eloquently presented the pillar of Service, emphasizing the importance of giving back to our community.
  • Lucas P.P., the Treasurer, spoke passionately about Scholarship, underscoring the value of intellectual pursuits.
  • Sarah Lan My G., the Vice President, shed light on the pillar of Leadership, inspiring us all to be role models and influencers.
  • Lastly, Nathalie N. eloquently discussed the pillar of Character, emphasizing the significance of integrity and moral courage.

National Honor Society-National Honor Society-Collège du Léman National Honor Society

And what now?

Active participation and volunteering are essential components of the NHS members’ role. Moving forward, the Collège du Léman NHS students will organise fundraisers and offer tutoring in High School, along with homework support in Middle School – to name just a few of the activities they will engage in.

Focus on our NHS students

Out of the 90 applications we received, choosing our inductees was a challenging task, with all applicants displaying exceptional academic records and remarkable dedication. The heartfelt motivational letters we received truly showcased the passion and determination of our student body.

Many of the motivational letters were extremely powerful and memorable. Gia T., an IB 2 student, comes to mind. After the catastrophic events in Lebanon, where her city was devastated and her community shattered, she witnessed the transformative power of supporting one another. In those challenging times, she learned that unity and empathy can rebuild not just homes, but entire lives. Some of her words resonate even more with this in mind and I'm sure that her investment will be sincere: 

"I have always put the effort to work hard not only in my school life, but also caring for, and helping others is something I worship deeply."[…]"I feel that my contribution to the NHS will make a significant impact and contribution to the Society, and I can assure you that I will never show up without plenty of ideas and enthusiasm for making our school community stronger and greater than before."

Thank you, dear candidates, for your motivation and implication. Congratulations to our new inductees! As we celebrate their achievements, let’s embrace another year of academic brilliance, service, and leadership at CDL.

Christelle Laffaille
NHS Coordinator