In Switzerland, attending school is mandatory, except in the case of illness or when a justification is officially recognised by the school. If your child needs to take time off, please let the Attendance Office know as soon as possible.

Parents of Pre-school and Primary students: Please contact the respective section office.

Parents of Secondary students:

Should an absence become necessary, please inform the Attendance Office as soon as possible. As of August 2021, we request parents or guardians of students from Secondary school to announce absences via our ‘CDL News’ parents’ app. In case of a technical issue with the app, please send an email (include your child’s full name, day(s)/date(s), time and reason for the absence) to absences@cdl.ch.

Parents of Secondary students are requested to fill in a short form on the CDL News app.

Further down, you will find guidelines to fill in the absence form.

Please contact absences@cdl.ch only if you have a technical issue with the app.