Parents play a big part in making Collège du Léman a friendly and welcoming place to work and study. From our Parent Faculty Association to becoming a Parent Ambassador, there are lots of ways you can get involved.
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For Our Parents | Collège du Léman - Feature Cards - CDL
Parent Academy
The Collège du Léman Parent Academy provides regular, bite-sized parenting and education advice for our community. This advice is brought to life in a series of short videos and presentations as well as through Q&A and coaching sessions.
For Our Parents | Collège du Léman - Feature Cards - CDL
Parent Ambassadors
We understand that choosing a school is a very big decision. It can be helpful to talk to other parents that have already chosen our school and who, together with their children, have experienced our community for themselves.
For Our Parents | Collège du Léman - Feature Cards - CDL
Parent Ambassadors

If you would like to be put in touch with a current CDL Parent to talk to them and ask them any questions, then please email us at and we would be delighted to arrange this for you.

Meanwhile, please meet one of our Parent Ambassadors, Mr Angel Lanchas, in a short interview below.


When did your family join CDL?

We moved to Geneva from Spain in September 2005 due to my job. My assignment was only for two years, but things went better than expected! Moreover, my kids were very happy at CDL, which became the main reason for us to stay here as local employees in 2011.


How many children have you enroled in CDL?

Four children. Cayetana & Bosco (2005-2020 now alumni), Jacobo (2007-2022), Jimena (2014 - Present)


Why did you become a Parent Ambassador?

With more than almost 17 years of CDL experience and being present through the evolution of my children (from Pre-school to High School graduate), I wanted to express my gratitude to CDL and share with the community the "state-of-the-art" education that my children received at CDL. My children are fully equipped with not only a solid education and languages but with a set of high values and moral standards. The "sine qua non" condition makes a real difference in the world.


What is your best experience at CDL?

The fact that my children always remember CDL as one of the best journeys in their lives. As parents, this is one of the best rewards we can receive. Definitely, we chose the right education for them.

For Our Parents | Collège du Léman - Feature Cards - CDL
Parent Faculty Association
Our Parent Faculty Association assists in arranging events and activities for students, staff and parents that are designed to bring us together as an international community.
For Our Parents | Collège du Léman - Feature Cards - CDL

The CDL Parent Faculty Association (PFA) includes 2 groups. You can find all their contact details below:

Pre-school and Primary PFA

Please To join our Facebook group. You can reach us per email at


Middle School and High School PFA

To join our Facebook group. You can reach us by email at

Volunteer class parents

We are grateful to the volunteer class parents who help with PFA communication and assist their teachers with other needs throughout the year. Most information from the PFA will come through class parents but additional announcements and reminders are made through a private Facebook group, see contact details above.