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Lycée / 2nd Cycle

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2nd Cycle Classes

Welcome to the Francophone Section!

Geneva/Swiss system: 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th in view of the Bilingual Swiss Maturity (Post-compulsory, College)
French system: 3ème, 2ème, 1ère and Terminale for the French Baccalaureate (Lycée)

The best of both worlds: academic success and child well-being.

The second cycle, which extends from 3ème to Terminale, is divided into two streams: the French Baccalaureate and the bilingual Swiss Maturity.

These two streams of excellence allow students to enroll, based on their results, in preparatory classes in the best universities in the world.

Read more about the Baccalauréat français

The French Baccalaureate allows the development of essential values such as a complete intellectual training, the learning of several languages, the exercise of rigorous thinking, regular sports practice and of course access to universities.

The General French Baccalaureate is a program for the last two years of schooling (Première and Terminale classes). It can be chosen by students who have graduated from a Seconde class and have a good written and oral command of French.

Each student benefits, in all the fundamental disciplines, from a solid training that develops intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. Regardless of the specialties chosen, all students acquire a solid general culture and a great intellectual maturity.

The French Baccalaureate diploma is accepted by universities around the world, however restrictions may be imposed (choice of specialties or minimum grades for example).

Thanks to an agreement established with the Rectorat de l'Académie de Grenoble, within the framework of the GESBF (Groupement des Ecoles Suisses préparant au Baccalauréat Français,, of which Emmanuel Coigny, Principal of the Secondary School, is President, the students of the CDL have the status of school candidate and benefit from the marks of the continuous assessment.

A common education and specialties

All candidates study a wide range of subjects: French, two other languages, science, history-geography, philosophy, physical education and sports.

Candidates have a wide choice of specialties at the CDL: Mathematics /History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science /Languages, Literature and Foreign Cultures /Physics and Chemistry / Life and Earth Sciences / Economic and Social Sciences.

Students must choose three specialties, one of which will be decided and evaluated at the end of Première. The two others will be reinforced in Terminale.

Exams and continuous assessment

The Baccalaureate exams take place over two years. The final grades are made up of continuous assessment and final exams:

  • Continuous assessment accounts for 40%: 30% are common exams and 10% are the annual average of the Première and Terminale reports.
  • The final exams account for 60%: an early test of French (written and oral) in Première class and 4 exams in Terminale: 2 for the speciality, philosophy and the Grand Oral.
Read more about the Bilingual Swiss Maturité

The Swis Maturité Diploma is obtained at the end of a solid general education consisting of 12 subjects studied at a high level in a compulsory way for all students. It is completed by writing a dissertation and allows access to higher education in all universities in Switzerland and around the world.

Students can choose to present this diploma in French or with the bilingual mention English/French. In the latter case 3 subjects will be taught and examined entirely in English.

By the choice of two options and the possibility to study a subject at a higher level of competence, it is possible to build an à la carte diploma with a scientific, economic or literary focus.

Detailed information on the Swiss Maturity.

This highly multidisciplinary education provides students with autonomy, broad general knowledge and critical thinking skills. These qualities, combined with bilingualism, place students in the best position to approach and succeed in their higher education and professional life.

The organization of studies

The rigorous preparation of the diploma, which has proved its worth, is based on the following seven points:

  1. Curriculum-focused courses.
  2. Specialist teachers for the subjects they teach.
  3. A personalized and regular follow-up of the students.
  4. Mock exams organized 3 times a year.
  5. Weekly homework assignments that take into account the constraints of the exams.
  6. Revisions before the official exams.
  7. Accompaniment of the students to the exams by the teachers.

The exams

The exams are under the responsibility of the Swiss Maturity Commission; they are organized by the State Secretariat for Education and Research, which guarantees impartiality and fairness and gives the diploma its full value and wide recognition.

They include written and oral tests and are held in two balanced sessions:

  1. At the end of the first class the First Partials (6 subjects presented).
  2. At the end of the final class, the Second Partial (6 subjects presented and the defense of the dissertation).