10 July, 2023

Making The Most of the Summer Holidays

Making The Most of the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are often seen as a chance for children to relax and take a break from learning. However, children’s brain development means that the the learning never stops or even slows down. Outside of the classroom their minds remain as open as ever to exploring the world around them, using their imagination and discovering new things. With this in mind, parents might begin to appreciate the incredible opportunities that the summer brings.

Here are a few ways families might support their children’s learning during the summer:


1. Unique Summer Experiences

Families may wish to consider what opportunities exist during the summer that are not possible at other times of year. Roasting marshmallows around a fire, cycling to a forest picnic, enjoying a water-fight, camping outdoors overnight, or growing plants in the backyard (or by a windowsill) are all activities that can ignite sparks of wonder.


2. Developing a New Hobby

Summer often provides the time and space necessary to try new hobbies. For instance, children can experiment with playing an instrument, painting messily outdoors, practicing photography, or trying out a new sport.


3. Making the Most of Travel

Few things create lasting memories and facilitate new experiences in the same way that travel does. When your children are much older, these memories will be something they will long reflect on. You can use this to your advantage by making sure your trips revolve around themes of shared joy, including children’s interests or connecting with family. A simple picnic at grandma’s house, parents sitting beside children for a scary roller-coaster ride, taking their activity ideas into consideration, or just laying together at night staring at the stars will build a multitude of positive associations with travel.


4. Accessing the Outdoors

There is a great deal of research that suggests connecting with the natural world increases happiness and a sense of calm. Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors, with much less fuss than one might experience in winter. Take advantage and let children lead the way with their experiences. Moscow and the surrounding areas have a wealth of forest parks, lakes and rivers to explore. Enjoy it while you can!


5. Building Family Connections

Summer is a great time for strengthening family bonds. However, sometimes it can be hard for parents to relax when their children need attention. You can overcome this with a few tricks, so everyone in the family is happy and well-rested. Creating a summer routine with family traditions built-in can help children become more independent at other times of day. This might include a morning picnic in a park, an evening by the fire, a daily walk to buy an ice-cream, etc… You can also collaborate on planning an activity or two each day, so they understand the schedule well and will look forward to your family adventures all the more.


6. Enjoy Calm Relaxation!

In our efforts to be the best parents possible, we often feel the need to fill each day with a schedule of exciting experiences. It is always worth remembering that some of life’s best moments happen during periods of empty calm. Children’s imaginations come alive, and we start to notice other things like the feel of grass under our feet or the sounds of a breeze through the leaves. Apart from this, everyone deserves plenty of time to simply relax – children and parents alike.


Summer is a wonderful time of imagination, discovery and relaxation. I wish all of our families at the International School of Moscow a wonderful summer break.

Written By Mr Noack

Head of Lower Campus Krylatskoe