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19 October, 2018

ISM Art Week presents “Art through the Ages”

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ISM Art Week presents “Art through the Ages” Join us on a breathtaking journey through the history of visual art. ISM Art Week was full eye-catching art pieces - from primal cave drawings to surrealistic paintings to sophisticated architectural designs. Copy of Screen Shot 20181105 at 120541 1

For Art Week this year, our talented Krylatskoe Primary students were given a specific time period to focus on; beginning with the Stone Age in Nursery, moving to contemporary art in the older Primary year groups. To add an extra challenge, students had to create both a 2D and 3D piece of artwork.

This allowed students to be creative and develop different artistic skills, from clay modelling to pastel drawing. Drawing cave paintings, constructing the Empire State Building and putting together the Great Wall of China were a few creations unveiled during Krylatskaya Campuses’ Art Week.

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Students were encouraged to explore their respective time periods and identify how they could recreate a famous piece of artwork with their own, individual twist. Rich art history provided by our teachers gave the students the necessary instruments and zeal to let their imagination run freely and their inspiration to soar sky high. The pupils were exposed to a range of artists, artwork and different movements which helped spur their creativity and artistic thinking.

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Not only did they create fantastic pieces of artwork but they also developed both their artistic taste and knowledge. The students’ hard work and enthusiasm culminated in a fantastic Art Exhibition, where visitors were taken on a journey of Art Through the Ages - a magnificent display of our students’ creative achievements and hard work.

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