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18 April, 2019

Festival of the Arts ends the Spring term in style

Festival of the Arts ends the Spring term in style For the second year running, the Creative Arts department invited industry professionals into our school to work with students for our Creative Arts Festival 2019. DSCN0076_newhero

For the second year running the Creative Arts department invited industry professionals into our school to work with our students for our Creative Arts Festival 2019.

If you were to take a stroll through the Art department between the 16th and 18th of March, you would have been greeted by more than a dozen ceramic portraits each with their own unique twist. This year’s workshop and masterclass was led by artist Christine Robinson who focused on the theme and image around ‘Street Punk’. Working with clay is a complex art form that has been employed by artists throughout the centuries. Students found the 3D aspect of their work extremely exciting, discovering that they could mould and stretch the clay until a portrait emerges almost like another life from beneath the surface.


Across the corridor in Drama, students were working with Moscow’s very own ‘English Theatre Company’ Flying Banana Theatre. Around 15 students embarked on a journey of character exploration and physicality based on Greek myths resulting in well-received performances that were shared in a special assembly at the end of term.

I can say with some certainty that there has certainly never been a ‘louder’ end to a term at ISM in my 10 years working here. Samba Real, a Moscow based Samba Band brought the authentic sound of Brazil through music and dance to around 40 ISM students. Learning a new musical instrument is a challenge and can take a long period of time to master. However, ISM music students not only mastered a full samba rhythm section but managed to learn two energetic pieces, sending students and staff dancing into the Easter weekend.


It is a key aim of ISM and the Creative Arts Department to enrich our students' curriculum by establishing  excellent links with professional arts organisations, groups and ensembles in the local community.

“I was delighted by the work the children created during the Creative Arts Workshops. All of the work was of such a high standard and it is extraordinary that it was produced in just a few days. I would like to thank Christine Robinson, The Flying Banana Theatre Company and Samba Real for providing the children with such a memorable experience. The work the children produced will be on display during our Annual Arts Cafe on June 6th. I look forward to seeing you there”, said Dean Moore, Head of Secondary and Upper Campus.


Artistically, theatrically and musically, Moscow is one of the best places to be in the world. We will continue to ensure that ISM students have access to these organisations so they can be even more creative in the future.

Written by James Langford, Head of Creative Arts