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17 September, 2021

Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka

Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka-tinker-room-at-ism-rosinka-DSC_1540
Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka In providing high quality STEAM education for our future innovators at ISM Rosinka, students are able to embrace hands-on lessons and activities as part of their learning and development. Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka-tinker-room-at-ism-rosinka-DSC_1539

In providing high quality STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education for our future innovators at ISM Rosinka, students are able to embrace hands-on lessons and activities as part of their learning and development.  

The Early Years Foundation Stage focuses on how children learn, as well as what they know. Children need opportunities to develop their own play and independent exploration that is both enjoyable and motivating. They also need experienced teachers to scaffold their learning by giving them the appropriate amount of help to achieve something they could not do independently.

Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka-tinker-room-at-ism-rosinka-DSC_1568

The EYFS Tinker Room is a dedicated STEAM space that all classes, from Pre-Nursery to Reception, can access.  Here, students access and experiment with a range of equipment and digital technologies to expand their understanding of the world. Our Graffiti Wall gives each child an opportunity to create and make marks with a variety of techniques and materials and encourages artistic collaboration across the phase. Challenge Cards promote partnership between peers while room-wide provocations and QR codes support  independence, mastery and critical thinking skills amongst our youngest students.

Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka-tinker-room-at-ism-rosinka-DSC_1557

These focused and meaningful experiences allow children to explore, engage and investigate experientially within richly resourced learning spaces. Hand-on learning opportunities enable students to practice the skills that they have already learned or experience new ways of exploring a concept. The children at ISM Rosinka understand that they can have a positive impact on the wider environment around them.