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UNICEF World Children's Day
Children are no longer satisfied with learning how to be the ‘leaders of tomorrow’. They want to make a difference today. Learn how ISM celebrates World Children's Day
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News image STEAM Hero001 News | steam | EYFS | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | Secondary | Upper Primary
STEAM Week at the International School of Moscow
From Early Years all the way to Year 13, ISM students designed their own vehicles, flew their own airplanes and helicopters, launched their own rockets and sailed their own boats. From circuitry, to coding to 3D modelling, to simple robotics, to virtual and augmented reality, teachers and students at the International School of Moscow did their absolute best to explore the past, the present and, most importantly, the future of transport during STEAM week.
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News image edited_112 copy News | k | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary
ISM Lower Campus Open Days
The classrooms of Lower Campus were bubbling with excitement recently, and not only from the children. Learn all about it in this article.
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News image Family Fitness Link001 News | athletics | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | Sport
Family Fitness Days on the Krylatskoe Lower Campus
After a two-year absence, it was a great start to the year for PE as we re-introduced Family Fitness back into our events calendar. Read on to learn about our 2022's Family Fitness Day.
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News image IMG_0139 News | rosinka1 | EYFS | Global Education | Highlights | Rosinka Campus | School Updates
Educational Visits
We are delighted to be able to offer educational visits in and around Moscow at The International School of Moscow. These visits give the children an opportunity to contextualise their learning in places like museums, galleries and attractions. In addition to this, it is a fun way for the children to grow their independence!
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News image Untitled design 1 News | steam | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | Student Work and Success
British Science Week on Lower Campus 2022
Spring excitement grew on Lower Campus as Science Week 2022 swept into town. This year’s topic was 'Growth'.
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News image ISM_Moscow_Krylatskoe UC_2019_150 News | musicdrama | EYFS | Highlights | Lower Primary | Music | School Events
Spring Recitals 2022
Taking individual music lessons presents a perfect way for children to hone their Success Skills and personal confidence.
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News image IMG_6792 News | art | EYFS | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | Student Work and Success | Upper Primary
Primary Art Week 2022: Bits and Masterpieces
Discover how our annual celebration of creativity has turned an ordinary wintery week into a fairytale full of colour and joy.
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News image DSC_1540 News | studentsuccess | EYFS | Highlights | Rosinka Campus | steam | Student Work and Success
Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka
In providing high quality STEAM education for our future innovators at ISM Rosinka, students are able to embrace hands-on lessons and activities as part of their learning and development.
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News image IMG_7243 News | schoolevents | EYFS | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | School Events | Secondary | Student Work and Success | Upper Primary
ISM Speech Day 2021: Unity and Pride
The International School of Moscow held its first-ever Virtual Whole School Speech Day, beaming out across our campuses, Moscow and the world via ‘YouTube’.
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News image DSC_0751 News | extracurricular | Extracurricular Activities | EYFS | Global Education | Highlights | Rosinka Campus | Sport
ISM Rosinka’s Activities Week 2021
In June 2021, the Rosinka Campus held its first-ever Activities Week, where students from Pre-Nursery to Year Six participated in an array of activities across the Rosinka community.
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News image IMG_1998 News | athletics | EYFS | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | School Events | Sport
LC Sports Day 2021: In the Eye of the Glory
On the 14th and 15th of June, students at Krylatskoe Lower Campus took part in exciting Sports Day events.
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News image DSC_0035 News | charity | EYFS | Highlights | Rosinka Campus | Sport
ISM Rosinka Colour Run for Melisa
On Friday 28th May, students at our Rosinka Campus underwent one of their biggest challenges by deciding to collectively run from Rosinka to Saint Petersburg, some 685km away, in the name of charity and, of course, a new heart for Melisa.
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News image Link News | charity | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | School Events | Sport
ISM LC Colour Run for Melisa
On the 27th of March, Krylatskoe Lower Campus started their epic four-day Krylatskoe Colour Run event in aid of the Heart for Melissa charity.
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News image Upper Campus Virtual Spring Music Concert 2021 1625 screenshot News | musicdrama | EYFS | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | Music | Rosinka Campus | School Events | Upper Primary
ISM Spring Concerts 2021
With mellow instrumental tunes and melodic children's voices intertwining to create a beautiful symphony of joy, ISM’s Spring Concert is a glorious ode to the blossoming season.
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News image Picture1 News | schoolevents | EYFS | Global Education | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | School Events
ISM Book Week 2021: A Love of Reading
Recently, students of ISM Lower Campus wandered through a universe of literature for a whole week of celebrations. The children were delighted to spend time getting to know their favourite books in more detail than ever before. It was a joy to see so many children absorbed in the world of books!
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