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News image STEAM Hero001 News | steam | EYFS | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | Secondary | Upper Primary
STEAM Week at the International School of Moscow
From Early Years all the way to Year 13, ISM students designed their own vehicles, flew their own airplanes and helicopters, launched their own rockets and sailed their own boats. From circuitry, to coding to 3D modelling, to simple robotics, to virtual and augmented reality, teachers and students at the International School of Moscow did their absolute best to explore the past, the present and, most importantly, the future of transport during STEAM week.
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News image Untitled design 1 News | steam | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | Student Work and Success
British Science Week on Lower Campus 2022
Spring excitement grew on Lower Campus as Science Week 2022 swept into town. This year’s topic was 'Growth'.
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News image Science News | studentsuccess | Highlights | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | School Events | steam | Student Work and Success | Upper Primary
British Science Week at ISM Rosinka 2022
ISM Rosinka recently hosted British Science Week, an international celebration of Science, where students can showcase their curiosity, exploration, and investigation of Scientific ideas.
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News image DSC_1540 News | studentsuccess | EYFS | Highlights | Rosinka Campus | steam | Student Work and Success
Tinker Room at ISM Rosinka
In providing high quality STEAM education for our future innovators at ISM Rosinka, students are able to embrace hands-on lessons and activities as part of their learning and development.
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News image Screen Shot 20210622 at 124228 PM News | steam | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Secondary
Take Your Own Path: Virtual Talk with Dan Bigham
On the 17th of June, our KS4 and KS5 Physicists had a unique opportunity to meet a world record breaking, professional cyclist and aerodynamicist for a careers talk.
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News image Copy of IMG_9911 News | FEATURED ARTICLE | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | steam
LC Project Days: A Castle Under Siege
Year Four's latest STEAM project, 'A Castle Under Siege', was a contextualised mix of their: Integrated Curriculum topic, 'Medieval Me'; Science topic, 'What's That Sound?' and Computing topic, 'I'm a Musician'.
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News image Copy of 05 News | FEATURED ARTICLE | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | steam
LC Project Days: Aviation Takes Off in Year One!
Year One’s study into Epic Events concluded with a STEAM project where students designed, created and tested a range of aeroplane designs. This STEAM project was a contextualised link between the IC unit ‘Epic Events’ and an English non-fiction unit ‘Creating Fact Files’.
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News image Copy of IMG_3897 News | schoolevents | Krylatskoe | School Events | Secondary | steam
ISM Secondary Science Week 2021
This term at The International School of Moscow, we enjoyed an eventful scientific programme as part of British Science Week.
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News image 1IMG_20210311_101835_1 News | schoolevents | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | School Events | steam
ISM Lower Primary Science Week 2021
Lower Campus students enthusiastically got their teeth into this year’s Science Week topic, Plastic Fantastic! Throughout the week, children learned about issues surrounding the planet’s plastic use. They then came together as one to explore, plan and create ways to find a solution to the problem on a school, national and global scale.
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News image IMG_6081 News | rosinka1 | Rosinka Campus | School Events | steam
ISM Rosinka Science Week 2021
This term at the International School of Moscow Rosinka, our students have shown an enthusiastic attitude towards the challenges presented by plastic pollution.
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News image IMG_7807 News | steam | Krylatskoe | Secondary | Upper Primary
Conquering Space on Krylatskoe Upper Campus
Ranging from producing audio soundscapes to modeling antigravity sculptures, students from Year Six to Year 9 have been participating in various challenges related to the theme of our MIT Challenge: Living in Space.
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News image linkimage IMG_20201012_144051_1 1 News | steam | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary
Into the Void on Lower Campus
The 12th of October marks the beginning of STEAM Week 2020: a week-long celebration of all things celestial, cosmological, and cosmonautical.
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News image link image SKY_3013_pageimage News | steam | EYFS | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | School Events | Upper Primary
Rosinka Students Explore Living in Space
Students of ISM Rosinka explored a vast array of projects that covered all areas of living in space.
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News image IMG_6588_linkimage News | steam | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary
Science Fair
The first ever Lower Primary Science Fair flooded the Lower Campus hall this March.
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News image IMG_20200116_111744_linkimage News | steam | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary
STEAM Week: Designing the School of the Future
Our students rose to the challenge and spent the whole week exploring lots of possibilities for the future of educational institutions.
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News image DSC01741 2_linkimage News | steam | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | Upper Primary
STEAM Week: ISM Rosinka Ready for the Future
During STEAM Week 2020, our Rosinka students invoked all aspects of STEAM, from using virtual reality to explore scientific concepts to constructing complex structures.
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News image 20200114_122045 linkimage News | steam | Krylatskoe | Secondary
Shaping the Future on Krylatskoe Upper Campus
As we head towards the future new solutions to evolving problems need to be found. For STEAM Week, Upper Campus students worked collaboratively to explore different viewpoints of the future and how we might rise to any challenges.
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News image Movember linkimage News | charity | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | steam
Movember in Rosinka
On Friday the 22nd of November, ISM Rosinka took part in the global charity event ‘Movember’ that aims to change the face of men’s health and raise awareness about it.
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