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22 November, 2021

ISM Photography Competition 2021-22

VictoriaRepetenko10AVictoria Repetenko
ISM Photography Competition 2021-22 The encompassing theme of this year's photography competition was 'Weather'. simontinningstaff_Simon Tinning

Our annual photography competition kicked off with this year's theme of 'Weather', and it was lovely to see so many wonderful entries across our campuses.

From warm sunflower fields to cold mountain landscapes, this year’s entrants were in for a tough competition. 

Photographers of all levels from across our campuses were able to enter the competition, which seeks to highlight the best in 'Weather' photography.

Maree Spence, the Year 3 Teacher on Krylatskoe Lower Campus, on this year's competition:

The majority of our students captured the beauty of autumn leaves or the effects of weather on the sky or plants in nature. Our winners were chosen for the way that they framed their pictures and celebrated the natural beauty of their subject. As always, our judges had a difficult decision choosing their favourites. With so many budding photographers on Lower Campus, I look forward to next year's competition!

Colm Rowan, the Assistant Head at Lower Primary, on this year's competition at Rosinka Campuses:

Thanks to the well-rounded theme of this year's competition, our participants got a great scope to be creative with their entries. We saw stills of nature, city skylines and a variety of different climates included. We had an enormous number of entries, the most in my many years at The International School of Moscow, and it was an incredibly difficult job for our admissions team to judge these. However, the winning entries showed a wonderful representation of the theme while being original visually striking. Thank you to all competitors; we look forward to seeing your work on display in the school in the near future!

Jason Lee, the Media Studies Teacher on Krylatskoe Upper Campus, on this year's competition:

Entries to this year's competition were dominated by landscape photography with an emphasis on seasonal conditions and colour in nature. Standards were high, with a large number of entries documenting scenes from all over the globe. Only one moving image work was entered, and so the rules will be reviewed for next year's entries with a consideration of the amount of editing that can be carried out: We are interested to see what experimental work can be produced. Many thanks to all those who entered.

The Winners of ISM Photography Competition 2021-22


Lower Campus Winners
3rd Place: Taisia (3C)
2nd Place: Hyoahn (3A)
1st Place: Raffaele (4C) 
Parent Winner: Cindy Tchassem "Summer in Capri"
Staff Winner: Richard Barry

ISM Rosinka Winners:

Lower Primary 
1st Place - Ivan (3I)
2nd Place - Ana (3I) 
3rd Place - Yideun (2J)

Upper Primary 
1st Place - Sofia (6I)
2nd Place - Mikhail (4I)
3rd Place - Harshi (4I)

1st Place - Tatyana Kvachyova 
2nd Place - Anna Chernysheva
3rd Place - Jasmine Clyburn

Upper Campus Winners:

3rd Place: Manuel (9D) for his excellent city skyline.
2nd Place: Ekaterina (11B) for her stunning aerial shot of Altai.
1st Place: Victoria (10A) for her sunset harvest landscape.

Special mention to the staff entry from Mr Simon Tinning, a beautifully composed landscape with rider.