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29 November, 2021

ISM International Week 2021: Multicultural Fairytale

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ISM International Week 2021: Multicultural Fairytale Our students from all campuses have thoroughly enjoyed an exciting International Week 2021. MicrosoftTeamsimage

Our students from all campuses have thoroughly enjoyed an exciting International Week 2021.

Justin Noack, Head of Krylatskoe Lower Campus, on this year's event: 

The children loved multicultural activities during the International Week, with each class learning about two nations from different parts of the world. A key theme of the year was diversity in languages, with children learning a range of phrases and even songs in unfamiliar languages. By the end of the week, the children were understandably proud of their new communication skills. 

Getting hands-on with STEAM skills was another repeating element of our week. Children produced stories and brochures, kanji script and ancient styles of art, famous structures and models of animals that covered every corner of the globe. In their quest for information, one class even made a video call to a rainforest in Australia to find out about dangerous animals. 

The week was capped off with a series of live performances for parents. The children sang, danced and shared some pieces of work that they were proud of. And without exception, we are very proud of all our well-informed young global citizens on Lower Campus. 

Chris Charlton, Head of Rosinka Campuses, on this year's event: 

Students on our Rosinka Campus also enjoyed a week full of STEAM activities, food, languages and dance with each of the 15 classes learning a different country from across six continents. Each student produced one piece of work that was shared with parents via Seesaw.  

Diversity was a focus across the campus, which included learning key phrases in different languages and learning about what makes each country unique. Singing and dancing could be heard and seen across the school, which included a song from New Zealand and dancing from Ireland.  

International Day was the highlight of the week with each student and staff member coming to school dressed in their national clothing. Many students also brought food for their friends to try. The campus was full of bright colours, rich aromas and happy children. It will be a day that students remember for many years to come.  

Ian Storey, Head of Krylatskoe Upper Campus, on this year's event: 

International Week on the Upper Campus was awash with the colours, smells and sounds of the globe. 

Our week began in Upper Primary with a ceremony of flags and an A to Z tour of cities and countries from all four corners of the earth. The Secondary School opened their festivities with an assembly on global citizenship. 

During the week, students engaged in a range of creative activities with each class dedicating their projects to a particular country. From Brazil to South Africa and from Australia to China, over the course of the week classrooms gradually became decorated testaments to the cultures, histories, landscapes and languages of their chosen lands. 

No International Week would be complete without world music playing through the canteen and corridors of the School. On Thursday 25th November everyone was treated to a live special radio broadcast of the ROAR Radio Breakfast Show where listeners heard the songs and sounds of more than fifteen countries and regions.  

In addition to the fun that reigned over the week, there was also a serious element to it. Years Five and Six engaged in a talk by climate change researcher Clare Eayrs who is due to visit Antarctica as part of her work. She has even offered to take a souvenir from ISM with her to leave there! 

As part of their PSHE programme, students from Key Stages Three and Four took part in a workshop seminar on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and discussed how this impacts on them and other young citizens around the world. 

Friday’s Cultural Festival brought together all the work of the week as class parties included showcase presentations, music, dancing and the sharing of food. Many students and staff came into School dressed in national costumes or adorned in the colours of the flags that represent the countries they have called home in their lifetime.