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01 February, 2022

Primary Art Week 2022: Bits and Masterpieces

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In what has been an extraordinary week, our virtual gallery show is a testament to our students' excellent artistic skills. It was such a joy to see them expand their horizons and grow creatively over this week on Rosinka Campuses!
Ms Beatriz Tinning
Year 2 Teacher and one of the organisers of the 'Primary Art Week' on Rosinka Campuses.
Primary Art Week 2022: Bits and Masterpieces Discover how our annual celebration of creativity has turned an ordinary wintery week into a fairytale full of colour and joy. Primary Art Week 2022 WebsiteHero

During the week, our students across all campuses have indulged themselves in the enchanting world of hues and shades, experimenting with different mediums and styles to produce outstanding work.

On Upper Campus, Year 5 and Year 6 students worked on art pieces to fit the 'Looking Ahead' theme, attempting to showcase a world of the future in their own interpretation. 

From acrylic paints and watercolours to oil pastels, pencils and pens, students applied their ideas to paper and canvas using a medium of their choosing after careful planning and much drafting. The students could also choose the shape of their canvas and the size of the frame for the final, finished work.

The culmination of the art week was an exhibition, held by Upper Primary students on Friday the 14th of January. Students displayed their works and then toured classroom galleries filled with artworks from different movements, including Impressionism, Surrealism and many more.

Our Lower Campus saw a colourful array of works on ''A Celebration of Art' theme, with each class choosing one type of art to focus on for the week. From Jackson Pollock and Matisse in Early Years to architecture, digital art and impressionism in Lower Primary, students drew expressionist self-portraits and pointillist landscapes, as well as sculpted vegetables, orbs and blocks of clay. 

The children were thrilled to use Minecraft to learn about all these different techniques and the artists who made them famous. Overall, the campus atmosphere was fun and creative as each class exceeded their teacher's expectations.

Students at ISM Rosinka have literally had a 'dreamy time' during 'Primary Art Week'. Being quite complex and abstract at times with ample room for interpretation, dreams are believed by some to carry profound meaning within them. Rosinka students used this concept as an inspiration to create dream-related artworks. 

Children from Pre-Nursery to Year 6 represented their dreams using different artistic styles and techniques. The list of these great works included Van Gogh' Starry Night' pieces, 3D dream-catchers, abstract paintings with splashes of colours and dada-inspired elements that employed a touch of surrealism. 

The children celebrated such a rewarding week by coming to school dressed in their pyjamas, with the youngest Rosinka students bringing their favourite teddy bears!